Grants galore and more!

WMCHC celebrates nurses week HONESDALE, PA — May 6 through 12 marks Nurses Week each year. Wayne Memorial Hospital (WMH) and Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers (WMCHC) has released a …

Blackie’s second chance

Blackie and Brownie, both Nigerian dwarf mixes, became part of the family in 2011 when they were bought from River Brook Farm in Cochecton, NY. Blackie, Brownie, Floyd and a dozen other goats were …

Lake Huntington News

A weekend in Queens

Can you believe it was snowing last week? I hope that is the end of it. Last weekend, my brother, Teddy, and I went to Queens to see our siblings, a cousin, my husband’s sister, her daughter …
Narrowsburg News

The Heron temporarily take-out, here-on in

Like everyone, I’m anxious for the world to return to normalcy. I want to go to Pete’s and see the cashier’s friendly faces without a mask. I long to go to the Tusten Cup or 2 …
Honesdale News

What do you see when you walk around?

Walking represents the foundation of our transportation networks. Yet, it’s often not designed around. Why is that and what does it look like from the walked perspective? Let’s explore …
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Wayne Memorial Hospital
What's going on in senior living February 18 to 24
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Photo by Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated information regarding the long-term effects of COVID-19 by the middle of November 2020. The organization states they are actively working on …
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HPAC and WCS Rockies present NatureCultures and more

What's going on in sustainability news April 15 to 21

As simple as 1, 2, 10!

The following are 10 things we can do (or refrain from doing) as individuals to reduce our impact on the planet that collectively will make a huge difference: Turn off lights in any unoccupied …


Let’s talk recovery

The following is an excerpt from a person in recovery checking in with their therapist: “Just wanted to give you a little update on my week. Ended up with almost 55 hours last week at work! …
Looking Back
Transforming sleepy White Mills

Christian Dorflinger was still a young man of 32 in 1860 when he began to plan his next and most significant project: his huge glass factory in White Mills, PA.  Dorflinger was born in …

A town cut in two

The remains of the bridge that carried travelers on Honesdale, PA’s Main Street from the business district to the northward residential district sank into the swollen river on May 24, 1942. It …

Community living stories
Compost Awareness Week, Everyday Hero award and more

DEC announces Compost Awareness Week NEW YORK — The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has  announced that Compost Awareness Week is May 2 to 8 to raise awareness …

UHS primary care Roscoe re-opened and more

What's going on in health, wellness and community May 6 to 12

Forgiveness is good for your mental health

Have you heard the unattributed quote, “Holding onto a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”? I find it rather apropos. When you hold onto wrongs you think …

Vaccination clinics established for Sullivan County high school students ages 16 & older

Sullivan County Public Health Services, and Garnet Health, in collaboration with the Sullivan County COVID-19 Task Force, is holding COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine Clinics for high school students age 16 & older. The vaccine is free and highly effective in preventing illness.