‘We do not have to feel alone’

This much I know: God created the world and He created us to know Him, love Him and obey Him. In this pandemic, when so much feels out of our control, we can end up feeling alone, powerless and …

‘The blind belief in individualism’

Why has wearing a mask which can save countless lives, including our own, become such an issue? I believe it has everything to do with America’s obsessive cult of individualist supremacy. …

'Feeling a connection'

The beauty of the natural world of the Upper Delaware River region always restores my spirit, especially in these turbulent times. Seeing an eagle, observing nature at different times of the day, and …

What does it mean to be an American?



The smallest tendrilhas me in its gripin the gardenpart of a newbornbutternut squash plantI watch itreaching across the groundthough I can’t actually see when it makes a break for itbutday …

The Sickness Sonnet

Tread Lightly

Corona Haikus

Boredom — I miss leavesfalling off trees — wither — it’sCorona season. Kids meant to prance likedeer in field, now still — hidingfrom COVID-19.

Wake Up Call

I almost missed one of my favorite seasons; I had been busy self-pollinating worry. The sight of a robin on the berm of a road way too familiar lately, caught my attention. his …

'To speak freely, especially when there is injustice'

Being an American means having the right to speak freely, especially when there is injustice.