Who we are:

The River Reporter is a community newspaper, something we feel is more important than ever before. Unlike national news that can make you feel angry, small and helpless, the River Reporter produces stories that affect its readers directly. We want to inform the community in a way that engages its members, inspires them to participate, and gives them hope.

The River Reporter is run by your neighbors. We feel the impact of the local politics, laws, and tax ordinances that we report on. We are patrons of the local businesses that we rely on for support. We attend the community events that appear in the  “Where and When” calendars and Arts & Leisure pages. Paying close attention to what’s going on in the Upper Delaware Valley Region is more than a job, it’s our life.

Every Thursday, we publish another edition of The River Reporter (while also publishing daily stories online). With each newspaper, we try to reflect the most important events that happened over the week in the Upper Delaware Valley Region. But more importantly, every edition serves as a level playing field for all who read it. The River Reporter connects you to your elected officials, to your neighbors and to community members who you would otherwise never have heard of. Without the connective force of the weekly paper, you would be less informed, government officials less accountable and the community less united and democratic.

Why we need your help:

We believe strong, local journalism is a necessity for every community. Unfortunately, providing that service is not free, and the advent of the internet has made it very difficult for print newspapers nationwide to keep the presses running.

We sell advertisement space to local businesses to keep ourselves afloat, but as a community newspaper, we also need the help of community members like you.

We provide readers with five free online articles every month, after that, we ask that they purchase either a print or digital subscription. A great deal of thought and consideration went into making that decision. In making that decision, we also made a promise to you: That the content The River Reporter produces is so valuable to our readers and to the community as a whole, that it is worth the money you put into it.

We aim to stick by that promise. Readers are constantly welcomed and encouraged to contact us with story ideas, letters to the editor, or general feedback about our work. We are also easy to get ahold of, just call our office or email an employee, and we will hear what you have to say.

Here’s the good news: supporting your community newspaper does not have to break the bank. A print & online subscription costs less than $4 a month and an online-only subscription costs less than $3 a month. Through our range of discounts and a sliding scale subscription rate, The River Reporter ensures that community journalism is something you can afford to support and something you can’t afford to lose.