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The Way Out Here
I’m a big John Denver fan. Have been for quite a while.
Ramblings of a Catskill Flyfisher
I believe the summer deluge began sometime in July of 2021. Part of that phenomenon had to do with the inordinate amount of rain that we had in the western Catskills during that period. At the …
Mixed Greens

The Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), based in San Francisco, studies public and private global investment in climate change. Its 2021 report, titled “Global Landscape of Climate Finance,” sounded the alarm about the need for much more robust investments in climate adaptation and resiliency.

River Muse

There are things we can’t write about in our newspaper. We can’t slander people, and that’s just. We can’t be profane; it’s a family newspaper, after all. We don’t …

Peace and Justice Files
Tell me why

What if... What if you were responsible for someone else’s death in some way—intent, accident, neglect, misunderstanding, whatever. Then you go on with the rest of your life until …

Root Cellar
In appreciation of Kristin Barron and Root Cellar

Columns ‘highlighted the deep nature of her mind’ I don’t recall exactly how Kristin and I met, but by the time her daughter Lily was born, we were fast friends, and celebrated …

From the Relationship Center
Regret, guilt and forgiveness

As I work with clients, sometimes themes emerge at different times. Since I have been working my Mental Freedom™ process with clients, themes of regret, guilt and forgiveness have been …

Jude's Culinary Journey
Mint is not a weed, but it can be invasive and it spreads with the speed of light, often taking up more space in the garden than one would like. And it’s difficult to pull out, as its roots are …
Mixed Greens
One of my cultural heroes died last month. Christopher Alexander, the British architect, teacher and design theorist, was a touchstone for a humanistic way of imagining the built …
The Way Out Here
While spring is most certainly sprung and the most recent snowstorm officially melted away into the land of blissful ignorance, I can’t help but feel like I’m still playing a lot of …