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The Way Out Here
Writing is a lot like skinning a beaver. It takes some preparation, some time invested, and diligent follow-up to make it all worthwhile. 
Ramblings of a Catskill Flyfisher
I once had an old friend, not so recently deceased, who had a thirst for whiskey, a passion for the best bamboo fly rods, fly fishing and—not the least—women.
Mixed Greens

In numerous folk traditions, mid-winter is marked by uncanny goings-on, including the legend that animals can talk at midnight on Christmas Eve. What they reveal during this magical time can be benevolent or foreboding, depending on the storyteller.

River Muse
The riptide

As a child, my one consuming fear was a tsunami. I don’t know when I first heard of the huge tidal wave that could decimate an entire island, but it still has the same effect on me when I think of it. My chest draws in and my breath gets short. I can see it make a tide pool of the beach, disappearing the waves until an unimaginably huge wave starts rising up from a half-mile out to sea and grows larger, as large as a 10-story building, until it crashes over me and everything.

Peace and Justice Files

Happy holidays, dear readers! I am an easygoing guy, generally speaking—but there are a few things that I’ve come to recognize as pet peeves, trivial little occurrences that become opportunities for me to work myself into a state of high dudgeon and righteous indignation.

Root Cellar
In appreciation of Kristin Barron and Root Cellar

Columns ‘highlighted the deep nature of her mind’ I don’t recall exactly how Kristin and I met, but by the time her daughter Lily was born, we were fast friends, and celebrated …

From the Relationship Center
Make 2023 your best year yet

Happy New Year! Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Do you have a process for planning your new year? A few years ago, I developed this strategic process to plan for the year ahead and I …

Jude's Culinary Journey
Over the years, I have picked up and adhere to some worthwhile cooking tips. I’ve already admonished those who refrigerate tomatoes, which strips them of flavor and makes the texture mealy, so …
Mixed Greens
Residents of St. James Parish in Louisiana have something special to be thankful for this year: last month, state judge Trudy White vacated the 15 air permits the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) had approved for a mammoth plastics manufacturing complex planned for a 2,400 acre tract in the town of Welcome, in the notorious 80-mile Mississippi River corridor between New Orleans and Baton Rouge known as “Cancer Alley.”
The Way Out Here
I’ve had meatloaf for many of my birthdays over the years. When I was a kid, it was one of the best things my mom made me, thus it was requested several times. When I got older and got hitched …