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It’s Valentine’s season, so let me begin with a quick personal note. I’ve written here previously about our struggles to bring my fiancée, Jasmine from Germany, into the … more
[Note: The following is offered with a deep bow of appreciation to C.S. Lewis, author of “The Screwtape Letters,” which you really should read, whether you believe in Christian demonology … more
A few years ago, a certain couple I know got divorced. This isn’t big news, of course. Divorce is still fairly common in America, though the rate has been dropping in recent years (about 40 … more
(Applause.) Thank you. Thank you very much. Please… yes, thank you… please, be seated. (Applause continues.)  Thank you again. (Applause subsides.) My dear friends and fellow … more
My friend Herbert (not his real name, of course) is, fundamentally, a very decent guy. He works hard in a dirty job (he’s in one of the building trades), plays in some bands, is devoted to … more
“Your fear is a ring in your noseby which you may be led around at will.” — Hu Sei Dat Columnists are not exactly essential. So, in these economically unstable times, I count … more
When the flood callsYou have no home, you have no wallsIn the thunder crashYou’re a thousand minds, within a flashDon’t be afraid to cry at what you seeThe act is gone, there’s only … more
We’re oneBut we’re not the sameWe hurt each otherThen we do it … more
The first contests of the 2020 presidential election season, in Iowa and New Hampshire, have come and gone. What had been a crowded and remarkably diverse field of candidates has been sharply … more
So the holidays have come and gone; I hope yours were joyful and fulfilling. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall hearing much noise this year about the traditional Christmas star display over … more
They had to be dragged into it kicking and screaming, but Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats finally got around to giving America a nice holiday present by starting impeachment proceedings against … more
Congratulations, America! We’ve made it through yet another election season. I hope that everyone found something in the recent results to be happy about, whether locally or nationally. I … more
(Screwdisk is executive vice president for sales and acquisitions for HellCorp North America. Scumbucket is his nephew. The inspiration comes from CS Lewis’s “The Screwtape … more
The recent kerfuffle now known as “Sharpiegate”—in which Donald Trump (or one of his staffers) clumsily edited a hurricane forecast map to include the possibility that Dorian could … more
In his memoir “Woodstock Nation,” Abbie Hoffman paints a telling portrait of himself at the festival’s end, staggering aimlessly around the deserted, trash-strewn field, stoned out … more
While I was growing up in the south in the ‘60s, and discriminatory “Jim Crow” practices were slowly being dismantled, I would frequently see signs at restaurants and gas stations … more
I want to focus on, and draw some connections between, a few recent and upcoming dates. Sunday, June 16, was of course Father’s Day. I hope you were able to celebrate it in a fulfilling way. … more
Last time, you may recall, I talked a bit about Mississippi’s Rep. Noah Sweat and his famous “If By Whiskey” speech. The inspiration for that column came after some online … more
On Friday, April 4, 1952, a 29-year-old Mississippi state representative named Noah Sweat delivered a speech at a dinner banquet for his fellow legislators. He was nearing the end of his only term in … more
Currently viewing stories posted within the past 2 years.
For all older stories, please use our advanced search.