a wooden cross and star in a yard with a sign that says "Honesdale Strong"

TRR photo by Elizabeth Lepro 

Robin and Bill Hamilton, of Honesdale, put this display up in their yard immediately after hearing about the letter from the FFRF.   

Foundation taking on Honesdale Star
HONESDALE, PA — Not much in recent news has inflamed the emotions of so many Honesdale locals as a June complaint letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). The complaint, only recently made public, claims that a Honesdale resident has taken issue with the seasonally illuminated star... Continue Reading

Arts & Leisure

TRR photos by Cass Collins

Freddy Gallery owner Joshua Abelow sits next to one of the works in the exhibit at the gallery in early October, by Mary Jane Hanja. 

Freddy Gallery, Harris, NY
The little white clapboard church building that is Freddy Gallery stands in a field of green just off a main road in Harris, NY. Behind it, the black... Continue Reading


File photo

Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and other founding fathers believed that a “wall of separation” should exist between church and state. They therefore created the Establishment Clause of First Amendment, which says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an... Continue Reading


Photo by John Miller


It looks like the autumn of 2018 is going to be remembered as a high-water event in the Upper Delaware region. Our local rivers continue to run at... Continue Reading

Community Living

File photo

LOCH SHELDRAKE, NY — SUNY Sullivan will host a culinary and pastry arts day recruitment event on Saturday, October 20, for prospective students of... Continue Reading


TRR photos by Ted Waddell

Rallying the troops: Bulldog quarterback Gabe Campenelli scored two TDs on the misty field.

LAKE HUNTINGTON, NY — The home-team Bulldogs thought they had it made in the shade—if your idea of "shade" is a mist-shrouded evening in ankle deep mud—but then came the final frame. On Saturday, October 6, the Sullivan West Bulldogs faced off against their eight-man football archrivals, the Bears... Continue Reading


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