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Happy Easter! Did you know that the feast of Easter is celebrated for 50 days? Easter is the time when Christians celebrate the mystery of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a special time of …
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There are several different ways to interpret the actions of the Highland Town Board’s decision to not reappoint Johnny Pizzolato as Highland’s rep to the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway …
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Letters to the editor
Cutting off public comment, more

Private benefit amid public squalor I write in response to Betty Sutliff’s  “My View” about fracking in the Delaware River Basin. She argues that Pennsylvania’s …

Pride Coalition march and more

Climate change calls for education, accepting responsibility Congratulations on the recent major promotion of sustainability in the River Reporter. Here at Apple Pond Farm and Renewable Energy …

my view
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I am writing in response to the bizarre arguments that Betty Sutliff makes in favor of gas drilling in the Delaware River Basin.
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An activist dressed in a penguin suit, holding an extinction rebellion sign and a frack free "no fracking" triangle.
Reaching back to antiquity, the notion of private property brings order to the distribution of landholdings by establishing both definitive ownership and the recorded ownership history. Today, a massive body of settled case law continues to grow around the often-complex nuances of property rights.
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Slumping along

Previously in I Just Wanna Feel Better, we talked about habits and the tenacious steps that we have to implement in order to disrupt and alter them. We talked about how we feel in our bodies and how …

Fake it ‘til you become it

Previously on “I just wanna feel better,” we talked about habits: habituated behaviors that are unconscious, or second nature. We talked about the work of Kern Beares and the need and …


I awaken with spring.  I start to notice the halo of fuzz on budding trees, preparing to unfurl their majestic canopies.     I scan the night sky, hoping it will reveal …