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The timing, in one sense, is fortuitous. As world leaders gather in Glasgow, Scotland, for a two-week United Nations summit that could shape how and whether the world effectively slows climate change …
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Whatever you do on November 2, remember to vote. It’s your civic duty. It’s your right as a United States citizen to participate in the election process. How you choose your …
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Letters to the editor
Foie gras—the despicable ‘delicacy’

As I read the four full-page propaganda pieces, proudly lauding Sullivan County’s foie gras facilities, I shook my head in disgusted disbelief.  Two of the three agro-business factory …

Builders put it together and more

The fault is in us—Sullivan County residents There is that famous Shakespearian quote in his play “Julius Caesar,” where Cassius tells Brutus “The fault, dear Brutus, is …

my view
Unanswered questions over events at the Town of Liberty’s 11/2/21 Board of Assessment Review (BAR) invite speculation about truthfulness and competency of Sullivan County Attorney Michael …
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Several years ago, when whole milk was removed from our schools, I started an effort to have it placed back in our schools. I soon realized that this was going to be a real struggle. Right from …
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Self-blame is the residual of childhood trauma. The impact of self-blame reduces us to feelings of guilt and unworthiness.

November astrology: lunar eclipse invites letting go

While leaves are falling outside, the weather turns colder and we seek shelter indoors, this month’s astrology also calls for turning inward, perhaps some soul-searching and letting go of old …


Change occurs along two dimensions:  horizontal and vertical.  Horizontal transformation repeats our mental conditioning, changing things on the surface. Vertical change is a paradigm shift, altering our experience of who we are.