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The Ukrainian community of Glen Spey, NY invites you to join us in this year’s commemoration of the Famine-Genocide on Saturday, November 5 at 2 p.m. at the Narrowsburg Union.
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If you talk to almost anyone right now, you will find them concerned about the future. 
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Letters to the editor
Department of Public Health and more

I doubt that many are aware that there has been a purge of sorts going on lately at Sullivan County Public Health Services. The “code of conduct” makes it a lot easier to investigate and fire people, and yes, it does sound a bit medieval.  

Callicoon’s beautiful Main Street and more

This year, beautification on Main Street in Callicoon was sponsored by the Callicoon Kiwanis, which contributes thousands of dollars for the youth in our area. 

my view
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Despite how fun and festive the season is, it can also be quite stressful, whether you’re searching for the perfect gift or hosting a party or gathering with family members. 
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In past eons, the purpose and rationale for war have, for the most part, been obvious and clear. In a world primarily dominated by scarcity, “other people” (tribes, etc.) sometimes had what you and presumably your people wanted and likely needed, so you took it all by force and celebrated the conquest as the spoils of war. The conquest included not only mass murder, but a large-scale dose of raping, looting and pillaging those you had defeated. 
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Bosco, a Jack Russell terrier

According to Wikipedia, Jack Russell terriers are bouncy, mischievous and in need of vigorous exercise. Originally bred in England during the early 19th century for hunting small prey, they are known …

In the blink of an eye

I was sitting at my desk writing Thanksgiving cards, when I got up to cross the room to retrieve a couple of AA batteries to include in a small gift. I leaned down and to the left about five degrees …

Cleaning up

When I started this column, I thought it would be a mechanism for getting in shape, changing physical habits and becoming healthier. I thought I would become a regular at the gym. “I just wanna …