River Talk
The right to rest

I had the opportunity to sit by the sea recently, something I haven’t done for several years. And although my memories of previous trips to the ocean are filled with satisfying and soothing …

Of Scouting and preservation

During the second week of August, the Ten Mile River Scout Camps Alumni Association held a reunion for past campers, leaders and other people involved with the camp. This year’s get-together was named “TMR95,” as it has been 95 years since Franklin D. Roosevelt, chairman of the Greater New York Councils—Boy Scouts of America (GNYCBSA), first took the initial steps in founding the camp in 1927.

To bee or not to bee

A slug is not a bee. But you knew that. In fact, most of us know a lot more about bees these days than we ever did, before their well-beeing became threatened by a host of things, ranging from insecticides to disease. Now that we have a better understanding of the important roles that bees play in our own lives, our concern for their welfare has increased.

Bald eagle construction code

If you happen to see a bald eagle nest while paddling the river or from across the lake, you will probably first notice the size. They are massive nests constructed of sticks.

Chipmunk merriment

Spring is a great time of year to observe the activities of animals, birds and insects throughout the Upper Delaware River region.