River Talk
Winter finds

The area has experienced some cold temperatures and snowfall, though we have had a bit of a thaw around the New Year holiday. Those of us who watch wildlife have likely seen bird species during the winter months that are not seen at other times of the year.

Believing is seeing

While on a winter walk recently, I was focused on the icy ground when I found a face peering back. “Pay attention!” it seemed to say as I made my way safely home. Several days later, another “face” appeared when I took the dogs for their first outing of the morning. It cast a smile on a gloomy day, offering a change of heart and a fresh start.

Wildlife on wifi

Perhaps over the course of the year, you might have wanted to take a trip with the family to explore some habitat or to see some wildlife not seen in our region. Perhaps to see some elk, for example, …

Listen up!

Hopefully you are already familiar with the exquisite work of the passionate nature enthusiast Lang Elliot, but if not, you are soon to experience some of the finest nature music of your life.

The beginning of the raptor migration

With September here, along with some cooler mornings, a few bird species have started to migrate south. Smaller birds, such as the yellow warbler, were already on their way near the end of August, and some might have seen nighthawks snatching insects in flight over lakes and rivers as they too headed south.