The way out here
Veggie pizza

Given that we’re veggie farmers, it’s been on my mind to develop a greater appreciation for eating vegetables.  After all, who trusts a banker who doesn’t have a savings …

Full steam to the frost date

Tomatoes: check. Peppers: check. Onions: forgot to order—moving on. Basil, radishes, lettuce: check, check, check. Cole crops: started. Greenhouse: steamy. Garlic: growing strong. Now when can …

In a kitchen far far away

I try very hard not to burn anything when I’m cooking, unless it’s a rare circumstance where that is actually desired for some reason. But for the most part, I’m not one of those …

Evenin’ dreamin’

Gas prices being what they are, I’m not one to exacerbate the touchy subject of my weekly fuel budget by making unnecessary trips. If you are one of the few who didn’t waste money on the Mega Millions lottery recently, you may share this practical concern. Quite simply, it is to save gas and attempt to be efficient.

Peaches, past and present

Some stories live in a bittersweet memory, containing both fondness and infamy alike.