The way out here
Peach-ure perfect muffins

Right now there are peaches available, and we thought we’d re-run Hunter’s column from last year, offering his own take on the delicious fruit. It’s amazing how fast the …

Fundamental foraging

I wonder where I’d be sometimes if it wasn’t for God dropping blessings right in front of my face. Of course, I think about it—the very air I breathe and the ground I walk on count …

Small world

I’ve always prided myself on not burning bridges, no matter how I felt about a relationship or association. You never know who might be related to whom and how the story of your parting …

Have-a-heart, not my chickens

So much of living out here is based on opposing forces. How to prepare against these forces, or manage through them, is what makes a great homesteader. My regular readers will recall that my wife and I have a hearty flock of chickens, and if you’ve ever raised chickens on any scale, you’ll know there are quite a few of these forces to contend with.

G I wonder

The planting season has all but passed us by for the year, and as we wrap up our over-winter planting and plot cleanup, one of the gratifying tasks left before the year ends is to spend the season’s profits on needed equipment and supplies for the coming year.