The way out here
A year to follow through

Who likes New Year’s resolutions? I think we all like the idea of fixing small areas of our life, so we can be a better version of ourselves, perhaps with the exception of those who are already perfect and need not improve. 

Hot chocolate is the bomb

Nothing pleases all crowds, young and old, quite so much as a good old-fashioned hot chocolate. However, not every cup of hot chocolate need be old-fashioned. When my wife first mentioned hot …

Waning winter weeks

Its been a long eventful year, and as I fight with many of the same ongoing tasks that make up my day-to-day out here, I can’t help but reflect on the blessings and progress that have been made. 

Making maple memories

Steam filled the air, swirling and wafting away as it plumed upwards from the wide stainless pan in our grandfather’s driveway. Sap dripped steadily into the top of the pan, slowly filling it. …

Our first tractor

Some purchases are unique; chicken feed and fertilizer don’t exactly fit this bill. No, I’m talking about much more rare opportunities. The kind you normally spend years window-shopping …