Jonathan Hyman Photos: Woodstock 50th anniversary

Jonathan Hyman, who lives in Smallwood,  travelled the Bethel area on a bike over Woodstock anniversary Weekend, and captured these photos.

Hippie Thanksgiving at Hector’s Inn, the Woodstock watering hole

On August 16, the first day of the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Art Festival, the yearly ritual known as Hippie Thanksgiving was held at Hector’s Inn on Route 17B in the Town of …

‘That’s my knee!’

Dan Berger was there. And there’s a well-known photo to prove it.

‘Racey Stacey’

The Dancing Cat owner recalls chipping in to feed hordes.
Robert Tellefsen: bringing it back home

Robert Tellefsen and I are sitting in a mostly empty coffee shop, which he’s using as a canvas to illustrate his former life as a 17-year-old in Greenwich Village in the midst of the 1960s folk …

Coming back to Bethel's Woodstock, on the periphery

BETHEL, NY — In August of 1969, Long Islander Bill Galante was 20 years old and working as an artist at a surfboard shop.