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Narrowsburg News 8/2/18

Welcome to August: high season in Narrowsburg. The shops and restaurants are busy with visitors. The Delaware River is full of rafters and kayakers. And the nightly accommodations around town are booked solid.

TRR photo by Tina Spangler

Lulu Spangler, Wally Iavarone and Pedro Spangler play Scully on Narrowbsurg’s Main Street.

Narrowsburg News 7/19/18

The Delaware River gets a lot of the glory when people share what they love about Narrowsburg. Yes, the river is spectacular, but my money’s on Main Street when it comes to Narrowsburg’s best asset.

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Narrowsburg News 7/5/18

Have you noticed all the balloons decorating Narrowsburg’s intersections this week? It is a festive indication of all the graduation parties being held in backyards around town. We enjoyed some devilled eggs, pasta salad, and s’mores at Will and Vanessa Reeves’ last week, celebrating their oldest daughter Ally’s graduation from high school.

Narrowsburg News 6/21

Pollen is ruling our world right now. Our black Subaru Outback is coated with a dull yellow powder, no matter how often we wash it. We blow through a box of tissues (literally) every couple days. And my daughter’s asthma and wheezing have been flaring up to the point of having to do breathing treatments with a nebulizer.

Narrowsburg News 6/7

These days, I’m spending every free moment haunting my gardens: pulling weeds, annihilating snails and tent worms, and of course admiring blooms. The flowers around my yard are almost like a map of my life and friendships from the past 10 years. When I moved in in 2008, people began to give me plants from their own gardens.

Narrowsburg News 5/24

The trees are a big part of what makes life here special. They provide us with fresh air, seasonal color, privacy, shade, firewood, lumber, maple syrup and animal habitat, not to mention the opportunity to reflect on strength, growth and the passage of time.

Narrowsburg News 5/10

We spent the second half of April in northern Wisconsin, where my cousin was getting married. When we arrived, there were two feet of snow on the ground, and the lakes were still completely frozen over. We braved the chill in our sleeveless dresses and sandals, and had a great time celebrating Tori and Jason.

Narrowsburg News 4/12

Spring clean-up has begun at our house. We’ve been outside trimming the dry flower stems from our 2017 gardens, opening up our birdhouses to take out last year’s nests, and tidying up broken branches from the back yard. I love having a fire going to burn up the sticks and stems… and maybe roast a couple marshmallows while we’re at it.

Narrowsburg News 3/29

They say its spring, but I need proof. So, I’ve been working hard to see beyond the half a foot of snow in my backyard. If I look down, I see the floors in our house are covered in muddy boot prints. I guess that’s a good sign. If I look up, I see crows carrying twigs in their beaks to prepare their nests.



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