In my humble opinion

Spring has sprung

Posted 3/22/23

The wait is over—for all intents and purposes.* Spring has officially arrived and (for some of us) none too soon!

At least, that’s what my calendar says, and there are signs throughout …

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In my humble opinion

Spring has sprung


The wait is over—for all intents and purposes.* Spring has officially arrived and (for some of us) none too soon!

At least, that’s what my calendar says, and there are signs throughout the Upper Delaware River region. I’ve heard that familiar honk and gazed skyward to observe the geese arriving. I’ve noticed that tiny buds are shooting for the sky, regardless of what snow remains on the ground here at Camp Fox. Additionally, I recently spotted my first robin, and while they may not be my favorite, (I have an unnatural fear of birds in general) they are truly the harbinger of all things spring.

There are other signs, of course. We’ve seen the sun a bit more, and while that pesky time change is still wreaking havoc with my sleep cycle, most folks I know are happy to have lost an hour in order to gain more rays at the end of the day.

Not only that, but just like the bears, I’m beginning to stir and venture outside more than a little, because events are springing up, just like the April flowers about to make their debut.

I had the great good fortune to snag a seat for world-famous South African choral group “Ladysmith Black Mambazo” at Bethel Woods (BW) last weekend.

I joined an enthusiastic audience in the Event Gallery as the all-male a capella group bounced, whistled and high-kicked its way into our collective hearts for 90 minutes with their fantastic and unique brand of musical storytelling.

Ladysmith is comprised of nine men, several of whom are related to the original members. One, Mdletshe Albert Mazibuko, is a cousin of Ladysmith founder Joseph Shabalal, (1940-2020) and has been with Mambazo since the beginning of the group’s journey in 1969. Tenor Shabalal’s younger brother (and alto), Milton, is also a member of the troupe.

While the group has been around since the late ’60s, it was Paul Simon’s somewhat controversial 1986 album, “Graceland,” that brought them global attention and gave the Durban, South Africa-based group an opportunity to perform internationally ever since.

According to my friend the internet, what was unusual about “Graceland” was that it was “on the surface apolitical, but what it represented was the essence of… anti-apartheid in that it was a collaboration between blacks and whites to make music that people everywhere enjoyed.”

Many of the songs presented by Ladysmith Black Mambazo address the struggles their people endured under apartheid, while concurrently celebrating South Africa’s 29th year of democracy.

In typical form, BW once again provides us an opportunity to experience world-class entertainment right here in Sullivan County, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

With spring upon us, can pavilion shows under the stars be far behind? Be sure to visit for a complete listing of upcoming events.

Of course, it wouldn’t be spring without celebrating St Patrick’s Day, and no Catskills community party is complete (IMHO) without a parade, so I made my way to Jeffersonville, NY with the Wonder Dog in tow, and caught the village’s always-anticipated annual St. Paddy’s cavalcade. It was bigger and better than ever before.

Hosted by the local chapter of the Ancient Order of Hypernians Sullivan Brothers (like ‘em on Facebook), the parade is always festive. But I think that, in light of the past few years of COVID-19 restrictions, folks were more eager than ever to celebrate the “wearin o’ the green,” and showed up in droves to do so.

Look, there is no such thing as a lousy parade in my playbook, and I love ‘em all for one reason or another. But the fine folks in Jeff really know how to throw a party, and this year’s salute to leprechauns was no exception. Naturally, I photographed the heck out of the kids, the dogs, the floats, the tractors festooned with shamrocks, and the oh-so-fantastic  Firefighter McPadden Pipes and Drums Corps from Goshen, NY.

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I love each of our glorious seasons in the country, but spring is a top contender, and there’s plenty o’ green to come before the good old summertime, so let’s all enjoy it while we can.

That’s right—spring has officially sprung. Next up? Dharma’s all-time favorite: Mud Season!

*Ask the Google: Q: Isn’t it “for all intensive purposes?”

A: No, no, it is not. Per Google, while people commonly use “for all intensive purposes” to mean “‘in every practical sense,’ ‘seeming as if’ or ‘virtually/almost completely,’ the standard form of the idiom is ‘for all intents and purposes.’” You’re welcome!

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