How dogs boost your immune system

Posted 9/9/20

Dogs are well-known for their loyalty and being excellent companions in our daily lives. As dog owners, we also ensure our dogs’ well-being as well, such as feeding them the right food and …

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How dogs boost your immune system


Dogs are well-known for their loyalty and being excellent companions in our daily lives. As dog owners, we also ensure our dogs’ well-being as well, such as feeding them the right food and providing them with ample exercise or play.

But dogs are often regarded as animals who have a lower quality of health and hygiene compared to us humans—but do they?

Contrary to popular belief, dogs aren’t actually as dirty as one might think they are. A study conducted by the University of Arizona in conjunction with the Humane Society of Southern Arizona proved that dogs are much cleaner than us humans within an experiment spanning for three months.

The bacteria their mouths carry, for example, do boost our immune systems and even our overall health. Well-known as pure-hearted animals, researchers believe that living with dogs would, indeed, provide the human race numerous health benefits in the long run.

Your personal canine “probiotic” pill

Surprise! Your canine is not only your best friend but also your lifelong probiotic: Living with and having a lovingly healthy relationship with your canine is as helpful as consuming yogurt.

The growth of health-beneficial microorganisms in our gut not only improves our physical health but mental health, as well. What’s there not to love about owning a dog and being healthier at the same time?

Preventing allergies for you & your loved ones

Believe it or not, some people do think that having a dog in the house will actually increase the chances of
becoming allergic to the dog. Thus, if your family is allergy-prone, owning a dog is not recommended.

However, studies have proven this to be untrue. In fact, having a dog in your house will actually help to reduce the risk of allergies and even asthma. Your dog’s presence helps to activate your immune system response, which in turn increases your immunity against allergies.

Dog owners and their canine companions have actually been tested to share the same amount of gut microbiota over the years of living together according to the study, eliminating the risks of getting sick with no thanks to other variants of “harmful” bacteria.

Dogs improve your emotional well-being, too

Participants in the study have proven to be significantly healthier than before, with lower levels of blood pressure, an increased outlook of mental positivity, calmer heart rates, lesser stress and lesser fluctuations (such as mood swings and temperament) in emotional stability.

One more thing to note; participants are aged 50 and older, have not taken any antibiotics for at least six months, and has never owned a dog. The changes are positively surprising! Owning a dog and forging a happy relationship with a canine takes time but is a truly rewarding experience for humans, and good news for your doctor.

Having a dog spells not only happiness but health

As we age and are in need of companionship to grow old and stay healthy in the many years to come, our dogs remain beside us, from growing up together to aging gracefully.

Staying happy, physically fit, stress-free and equipped with strong immunity and proper nutrition is key to living right, alongisde our fellow canines. After all, what’s there not to love about dogs?

Leo Wilson has over a decade of experience working in the pet industry and began sharing his knowledge on his own blog, Cyber Pet. When he is not busy working, he and his wonderful wife love spending time at home with their three dogs and two cats.


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