Fosterdale project gets first hearing

Posted 9/20/23

FOSTERDALE, NY — A project for a gas station and retail space at the Fosterdale four corners had its first public hearing the evening of  August 31. 

The Cochecton Planning Board …

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Fosterdale project gets first hearing


FOSTERDALE, NY — A project for a gas station and retail space at the Fosterdale four corners had its first public hearing the evening of  August 31. 

The Cochecton Planning Board sought public input early in the process so that the public’s concerns could be reflected in the final plans, according to chairman of the board Earl Bertsch. The finalized plans will receive their own public hearing, months down the line. 

Residents of the area came out in force, questioning the project’s traffic patterns and its size. 

The station

Engineer Glenn Smith presented details of the project on behalf of the developers, the Piccone family. 

The project—currently referred to as the Fosterdale Plaza—will be located in approximately four acres of land right on the Fosterdale four corners. 

A lower level will house a gas station, including both gasoline and diesel pumps, as well as a convenience store. It could also include electric vehicle chargers; Smith said the developers had interest in including them, but weren’t sure how many at the moment. 

An upper level behind the gas station will have three retail buildings, each approximately 30 feet by 80 feet, or a little over 2,000 square feet. 

“At this point I don’t think the Piccones have any tenants yet in there, but they’re talking about having like a small cafe in there, [a] small restaurant, some retail spaces, some shops, maybe some rented offices, things like that,” said Smith. 

The lower level will have one entrance and exit road connecting to 17B, and one connecting to Route 52. There will be a separate entrance to the upper level on Route 52. 

Questions and answers

Members of the public present questioned a number of aspects of the project. 

What would the hours of operation be? asked several residents. 

The retail space hours of operation will depend on the tenants, said Smith. The pumps will be the electronic kind, available 24/7. 

Answering questions about the project’s scenic impact, Smith said downward facing lights will be used to keep illumination from spilling off the property, and the project could include trees to screen it from use. 

Will the project include facilities so truckers can stop there overnight? residents asked. 

It will not, said Smith; there will just be fueling stations. 

Many of the commenters expressed concerns about the traffic for the gas station. 

“It could be a problem,” said one resident, “because people fly [coming to the intersection] coming past my house, and they pass each other and they have school buses, so if you’re going to come out [of the gas station] and make a left on there, you’re going to have to do something—maybe lower the speed limit.”

Other residents added their own stories of unsafe driving around the intersection, including drivers speeding, drivers cutting through the parking lot of the Mobil station at the intersection and drivers having trouble with poor sight distances given a hill on one approach. 

Bertsch said the planning board will try to address some of the issues with traffic. 

Other residents asked a more fundamental question. 

“Do we need something so big?” asked one resident. “I mean, I know you’re all about expanding our town and everything growing, but it’s Fosterdale. These people coming [here], they’ve already come through Bethel, they’ve already come through Monticello, likely; now they’re going to possibly Jeffersonville.”

“It looks big, but it’s really not like a mall,” said Smith. 

Smith had described it as a mini-mall, the resident responded.

“Well, mini-malls can be small,” Smith said.


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  • jwind2

    Last I looked there was already a gas station and convenience store at that corner. Do we need another gas station on that corner? Doesn't the existing business that has served Fosterdale for many many years deserve protection?

    Why this omission from the article? Can you guess why it's doubly disturbing?

    Thursday, September 28, 2023 Report this