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Courtesy of Lorraine McGrath

This is an early 20th-century view of the Milanville Bridge, with Milton Skinner’s sawmill in the foreground. Skinner’s Milanville Bridge Company paid J.P. Morgan’s American Bridge Company $14,000 to erect the bridge. The view is upriver. 

The extraordinary Milanville Bridge

My favorite place in the Upper Delaware Valley is a picturesque eddy of flat water above Skinners Falls, known since the 1870s as the “Milanville Eddy.” Here log rafts were pegged together starting in Colonial times, and river men paused to gauge water levels before confronting Skinners Falls. 

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

The cast of “The Golden Girls Gone Wild” perform interactively with the audience throughout the evening, mixing improvisation with the scripted story as the plot unfolds at Zac’s Wilderness Lounge on the grounds of the Catskill Mountains Resort in Barryville, NY.

There's gold in them thar hills!

In this case the “gold” is in the form of Murder Mystery Manhattan’s (MMM) dinner theater production of “The Golden Girls Gone Wild” and the “hills” are home to the Catskill Mountains Resort (CMR), perched high above Barryville, NY.

Contributed photos

The Gravity Indoor Marketplace opened on April 7.

New weekend marketplace in Honesdale

HONESDALE, PA — The 6,600-square-foot space that used to house Gravity Alley is now filling another untapped niche for Honesdale as the Gravity Indoor Marketplace. Since its grand opening on April 7, the marketplace has featured a rotating array of vendors, offering for sale such goods as crafts, antiques, toys and jewelry.

Contributed photos

The Western Inn and Supper Club is located at 22 Upper Main St. in Callicoon, NY

Western Ballroom houses the arts

CALLICOON, NY — The Western has served as a historical fixture in Callicoon since 1852, playing host to presidents and suffragette meetings—but its latest ambition is to expand its reach with the Western Ballroom, a newly renovated space that’s ready to serve the artistic community of the region.

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

By employing three-dimensional metal cans to emulate the wildly inventive world of Hieronymus Bosch, artist Allan Rubin is able to allow the observer to actually peek inside the master’s  brain.

Allan Rubin: Portrait of an artist

While preparing to visit with artist Allan Rubin and discuss his newest exhibit, “Canon,” I did some research online on the meaning of “artist.” The first definition I found was: “A person who practices one of the fine arts, especially a painter or sculptor.



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