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TRR photos by Owen Walsh

Just as the sign suggests: The community garden was created as a way to provide healthy food to the community, to embellish the area with gorgeous flowers and to foster passion for farming among Monticello youth. 

Planting the seeds for progress

At first glance, a garden might not look like a tool that can aid in the fight against systemic oppression, but community and youth leaders in Monticello are showing Sullivan County just how powerful one garden can be. 

TRR photos by Owen Walsh

The Wayne County Historical Society’s Museum, inside and out, exemplifies the best of old Honesdale, the history and tradition that are an essential part of its flavor and are still well preserved in many of its historic buildings, both commercial and residential. 

The Honesdale revival

Honesdale is a town fueled by the old and the new, tradition and change.

Contributed photos

Some 4-H members prepare the wash station for cleaning and grooming their animals.

Wayne County Fair

The Wayne County Fair is a thousand things in one. There is always something to see and always something to eat. Folks from all over the Tri-state area flock to Honesdale to see one of the most complete and entertaining fairs in northeastern PA.

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 The journey concludes with a “pow-wow”-like celebration of the renewed treaty signing, complete with music and dance.

Lenape Nation paddles again, for past and present

The Delaware River has become home to many over the years, but for some, it is tied to the origins of their ancestry. The Lenape Nation has had roots in and around the Delaware River from its headwaters to its mouth since before the advent of European colonists.

TRR photo by Hunter Hill

Jonathan Sunshine is seen here weighing fish as competitors return to the launch.

Fighting plants with fish

SWAN LAKE, NY — On Sunday June 24, fishermen and friends gathered at Swan Lake for one of many bass-fishing tournaments to be hosted at lakes around the area on Sundays throughout the summer.

Contributed photos

This view of the installation in Gallery 52 shows, left, “11 Reasons to Love Me,” 2008, acrylic, silkscreen and gold leaf; and right, “If...Then... ,” 2008, acrylic, silkscreen on canvas, both on four canvas panels. 

Trey Speegle: America’s #1 paint-by-number pop artist

Walking into artist Trey Speegle’s RePop Shop is a little bit like going back to the future. Filled with vintage paint-by-number kits and paintings, many of which have been transformed into art that can be described as ”pop conceptualism,” the area is a wonderful mix of old and new.

Photo by Jerry Cohen

“Speak No Evil” producer Daryl Kroken, left, Jonathan Charles Fox and Dharma the Wonder Dog confer outside the BCA’s new gallery space, called “ArtSpace,” in the heart of Kauneonga Lake, NY.

Bethel Council of the Arts:

In February of 2016, the town of Bethel, in Sullivan County, NY established the Bethel Cultural District Exploratory Committee to establish “the formation of the Bethel Council of the Arts (BCA), which will bring the community, artists and town government together to promote and foster a cultural environment that benefits from the performing, vi

TRR photo by Rodney Harder

Reclaiming the riverbanks

Most fishermen know where Cooks Falls is. Take New York 17 West past Roscoe, where it starts crisscrossing the Beaverkill River, then take the first exit, 93. The town’s inhabitants live mostly along the banks of the Beaverkill. There is no gas station or diner, and they no longer have a post office.

TRR photo by Jonathan Charles Fox

“I liken it to the process of cell mitosis, when an organism splits off into two new entirely whole organisms,” said Brad Krumholz, right, of the changes in store for himself, co-founder Kowalchuk and the NACL. “Each came from the first, but each is different and neither can be said to be the same as the original.”

NACL season of change

I don’t care for change. Be it personal or global, the very notion makes me squirm. As a result, whenever I hear of changes afoot, I tend to avoid the subject altogether.



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