Fourth of July weekend: celebrate vintage cars, where to see fireworks and more

What's going on in arts, leisure and community July 2 to 8

Community tapestry, studio tours and more

What's new in arts & leisure June 25 to July 1

‘The Ecology of Aquatic Plants’ workshop and more

What's going on in arts, leisure and community June 18 to 24

Back to the future

Do any of us know what lies ahead? Is it really possible to predict the future? Some say “yes,” but me? Well, I can’t even tell you what I’ll have for dinner tonight, much …

DHC receives gift to establish environmental education center

BEACH LAKE, PA — The Delaware Highlands Conservancy (DHC) Board of Directors announced the Van Scott family donation of a 140-acre property in Berlin Township to the Delaware Highlands …

‘Love Songs from Shakespeare’s Time’ free livestreams and more

What's going on in arts, leisure and community June 11 to 17
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The show must go on

As we now know, in the wake of COVID-19, both New York and Pennsylvania are on track to reopen for business, with each state following a multi-phased plan. In New York, the first phase went into …

Container gardening seminar and more

Whats going on in arts, leisure and community June 4 to 10

Meet Violet Adams

If you say that someone is “no shrinking violet,” you mean that the person is not at all shy: a great asset if that same person has aspirations to be a performer. While Violet …
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Turning the tables

I suppose it was only a matter of time. With millions of folks observing stay-at-home restrictions, everyone and their brother is suddenly an “entertainer.” Whether they’re reciting …

'Farm Days' workshops and more

What's going on in arts, leisure and community May 28 to June 3

Food, relief, community

WAYNE COUNTY, PA — This past month, Wayne County banded together in an effort to keep its residents from going hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic. Named the Wayne County Food Relief Fund, …
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Live from New York...

“It’s Saturday night. Or at least, I think it is,” I muttered to the dog, who blithely turned her head and walked away, still practicing social distancing from me, the guy who feeds …

Paying respects

ROSCOE, NY — This year it will be more of a procession than a parade, said Karrie Jara. She’s organizing the Memorial Day observance in Roscoe this year. Yes, it’s still …

Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day and more

What's going on May 14 to 20
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I’ve got no strings on me

The words above were penned by composer Leigh Harline for the Disney animated fable “Pinnochio.” In 1940, child actor Dickie Jones leant his talents to give voice to Geppetto’s …