Steaming into fall


There are times when a blog post is easy to come up with, and then there's weeks like this. 

Friday football, Saturday... set up for Steampunk in Honesdale. Sunday, hang out at Steampunk. 

Steampunk was... well... kind of a bust. Not to say there weren't vendors or people, but it wasn't the Honesdale festivals from my youth. It seems the steam has disappeared from the bustle of Main Street. 

Personally, I believe the weather played a big role in attendance. Saturday's rain and Sunday's nice weather made for a combo that would keep most people at bay. No one wants to wander around on a rainy day checking out street vendors. And then, when Sunday turned out to be beautiful... people had other things to do. 

I heard from co-0workers that the vintage photobooth they had set up on Saturday was pretty popular.  (There are photos  of the photos on the TRR Facebook page if you're interested in looking. )

Even though it seemed slower than a typical Honesdale event, I still had a good time dressing up, and hanging out.  The other people in costume paraded around and the bands they had playing in the afternoon were good as well. 

Things are starting to slow down. Kind of. I've still got a pretty full schedule between work and football, concert season is done. There's still plenty to see though. And fishing. 

I'll be headed north tomorrow. WAY north. The salmon are running in the river and it's the time of year I like to fill the freezer.  Hopefully, I'll have not only a cooler full of fish by Sunday afternoon, but also some photos and a story for the upcoming Explore the Great Outdoors magazine.  (Which I really need to get my ass in gear on and write!)

As the leaves begin to change and colder weather settles in, I'm finding myself missing summer. Not the hectic schedule... just the temperature!  It's back to jeans and boots and hoodies as the trees get colorful and the foliage flutters to the ground. 

That's about as poetic as I'm getting this week... and pretty much all I have to say as well. 


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