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Astrologically, Autumn Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra about September 20 is the time when light and dark are in balance—Libra, which starts then, is the sign of balance. Librans want to …

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Astrologically, Autumn Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra about September 20 is the time when light and dark are in balance—Libra, which starts then, is the sign of balance. Librans want to harmonize with others, and relationships, love and partnerships are never far from Libra’s thoughts. The Sun in this sign can sometimes mean indecisiveness or hesitation, simply because it can be hard to thrust your own ideas and will onto others. But many famous persons with their Sun in Libra were known for their decisiveness, take for instant Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady. It all depends on the rest of the individual birth chart, done for your exact date, time and place of birth. 

October starts with many planets still retrograde, or seemingly moving backward as seen from earth – of course, they don’t move backward, it’s an apparent motion. Symbolically, this means the issues connected with the planet are a little subdued, and sometimes held back. Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto are all retrograde in the beginning, and all turn direct during the month, allowing the energies to run freely again. In simple terms, Jupiter symbolizes hope, optimism and expansion; Saturn responsibilities, obligations and delays; Mercury communication and movement; and Pluto transformation and power. The major dates in October are:

October 6—Pluto direct in Capricorn,  as well as New Moon at 13 degrees Libra

October 8—Venus moves to Sagittarius

October 10—Saturn direct 10 in Aquarius

October 18—Jupiter direct in Aquarius and Mercury direct in Libra

October 20—Full Moon at 27 Aries.

What follows is where these planets go direct in your Sun or Ascendant sign-based horoscope— it’s generalized but valid astrologically. But to get a real, in-depth astrological portrait, contact an astrologer with your exact date, time and place of birth because they determine your ascending sign and the astrological houses or zones where events and action take place. You can send me a message at anya.tikka@gmail.com with any questions! Please note the dates below for each sign are approximate, since the Sun moves to the next sign on different days during different years – the date might be a day or two out.

ARIES March 21–April 19

The month starts with Sun, Mercury and Mars in Libra, activating your 7th house of marriage and partnerships in a big way. It can be a little hard for the me-first Aries fire sign, because instead of acting with your usual self-confidence and immediacy, you’re obliged to take into account the viewpoint of others close to you. There can be conflict, especially since your ruler Mars is combust or too close to the Sun all of the month, not allowing your energy to function as usual. Also, Mercury is retrograde until October 18, so try to temper your words carefully. But the benevolent Jupiter is trine the lot from the 11th house, help is available to smooth things over from friends and groups, and after both Jupiter and Mercury go direct things will ease up, from October 19 on. Venus moves to Sagittarius and 9th house October 8, and you might start thinking of long-distance travel or vacations – or you gain a more harmonious broad view on what’s been going on. Pluto goes direct October 6 in your 10th house, coinciding with the New Moon – this promises big career time for you, a new beginning that might involve a big reorganization.  Saturn goes direct in your groups and friends zone October 11, so the responsibilities and duties with them ease up and any loneliness starts to disappear, and Aries Full Moon October 20 in your own sign brings a culmination or results from personally important issues to you. A couple of days later, Sun moves to Scorpio in your shared issues sector – passions run high, money is shared.

TAURUS April 20–May 20

With Sun, Mercury and Mars in your sector of everyday living (6th house) in Libra from the start of the month, there could be conflict with co-workers, and while Mercury stays retrograde until the 18th, they might not be easy to sort out no matter how much your try. If you’ve had nagging health issues, from October 18 is the time when they’ll start clearing up since Jupiter also goes direct, but always take care of your exercise and diet during the month especially. Saturn turns direct October 11 already, just after the New Moon October 6, propelling you forward in those stagnant situations. Sun and Mars are together too close all month, adding to frustration – but at the same time, both Saturn and Jupiter make helpful aspects to them from your 10th house, showing persons in high places come to your aid. After that, when Jupiter and  Mercury are direct, things will run much more smoothly at your everyday work situations and with work and teammates. Your ruler Venus is in Scorpio until the 8th in your marriage house, promising harmony and love with your loved ones, after which it moves to your 8th house, promising both intimate delights and money that’ shared. Be mindful of any tendencies to do something in secret with both love and finances. Full Moon in Aries October 20 highlights your more private side, and even something might come to light around then that you wanted to keep private. 

GEMINI May 21–June 20

Your ruler Mercury retrograde in Libra in your 5th house until October 18 might bring communication mishaps, especially with your romance and other pleasures in life, although in the sign of balance, things usually don’t get that serious. In any case, Jupiter and Saturn both trine it from the friends and groups sector, offering help. By October 19, planets will have turned direct, Saturn already October 11, and this is when your romance and creative pursuits can move forward with more ease. The Sun illuminates the same sector until October 23, promising pleasant times with kids too—try to be mindful of how your energy comes across because Mars is traveling very close to the Sun all month,  making it difficult for you to understand you’re doing so. New Moon October 6 adds more oomph to your love life, and Full Moon October 20 in Aries in your goals and friends sector can bring rewards from something done previously. Venus moves to your everyday life sector on October 8—workplace romance is possible then. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn in your 8th house has been holding back your finances, especially anything held jointly, but after October 6, soon after the New Moon, things will start improving. 

CANCER June 21–July 20

Issues that are usually not far from your mind come to the forefront even more prominently this October, because Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in your 4th house in Libra—that’s home and family. It’s possible there are problems with communication and perhaps you’ll come off as more aggressive than you think until October 18 when Mercury turns direct and you can communicate more clearly. Jupiter will offer help, too from your 8th house that could be to do with finances, and it also turns direct on the same day. There could also be someone a little forceful at home, although with Mars so close to Sun in the sign of balance will bring harmony to situations. There can be movement with property or moving, too. October 6 New Moon and Saturn turning direct a few days later is a great time to focus on what you’d like to see in the home front, while Pluto going direct October 6 giver your career aims more wind in the sails as well. Venus is your pleasure-oriented 5th house until October 7 too, promising loving times with both children and dates. After that, it moves to your 6th house in Sagittarius, marking a shift to work that should be pleasant. Full Moon October 20 in Aries 27 in your career house brings culmination and closure to what’s been going on in your career. 

LEO July 21–August 20

Even with Mercury retrograde in Libra in the communications hub 3rd house meaning miscommunication and misunderstanding, the helpful trine from Jupiter and Saturn both from Aquarius in your 7th house of marriage and partners promises there will be help from your spouse or anyone in a close relationship with you. The Sun and Mars are also in 3rd house in Libra until October 18, showing movement with both your business and community. All communications are under big focus this month. Mars is in a sign it won’t work well in, and also too close to Sun, so there can be some problems with your usual self-assertion, try to watch out switching from being too forceful to being a pussycat!  October 6 New Moon in the same sector, and Venus moving to Sagittarius in your romance sector a few days later show new pleasant times with your loved one.  Pluto in your everyday work and health sector in Capricorn also turns direct October 6, smoothing out any power struggles in the workplace. Full Moon October 20 in Aries in your higher perspectives 9th house allows you to search for answers in a more spiritual direction.

VIRGO August 21–September 22

October promises to be great for your finances because Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in Libra in your money sector, especially after October 18 when all the planets will have turned direct—Pluto on the same day as the New Moon October 6, Saturn October 11, and Jupiter and Mercury both October 18. It’s advisable to work on your money strategies more privately, making plans, and then put them into action after October 18. Be also a little careful about how you come across with Mars in Libra a little too close to Sun all month meaning it can’t function normally, and also Mercury is retrograde, although in the sign of balance, it’s unlikely there will be major arguments. Venus in your communication sector until October 7 is helping, and after that when it moves to Sagittarius in your 4th house, home life improves and is harmonious. Jupiter and Saturn also will be helpful throughout the month with a trine from 6th house in Aquarius—your co-workers prove helpful and solid, especially after October 18 when both Jupiter and Mercury turn direct. Pluto continues retrograde in Capricorn in your 5th house of pleasures and speculation sector, but turns direct at the New Moon October 6, showing more luck with speculative investments and lotteries and the like.

LIBRA September 23–October 21 

This is your month, with Sun, Mercury and Mars on your Ascending sign, promising the opportunity to shine. Even though Mercury remains retrograde until October 18, and Mars is a little too close to the Sun all month, meaning it’s not able to function assertively as usual, but given there’s such a Libra emphasis, cooperation is the key anyway. Things get moving from October 6 New Moon onward, although not fully until October 18 when Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn all will have turned direct. Your ruler Venus starts the month in late Scorpio but after New Moon October 6, it moves to your 3rd house and Sagittarius, opening the way to broader vistas and better communication. New Moon October 6 on your Ascendant promises a new beginning, especially with Mars conjunct it. This is a great time to put out your wishes to the universe for personal aims for about a month, and because Mars is so close to Sun, you are unlikely to act rashly, even with the possibility of a partner or spouse spurring you on. In any case, benevolent Jupiter in Aquarius and responsible Saturn also in Aquarius give help from your 5th house – lovers, kids, those party friends are attentive and helpful.  Full Moon in Aries October 20 might produce some discord with square to Pluto and wide opposition to Mars, but Jupiter is also sextile it, so some sparks might fly especially with your partner or spouse, but it ends well. 

SCORPIO October 23–November 22

While Uranus in Taurus keeps opposing your Ascendant, causing unexpected behavior from spouses and partners, Libra emphasis in your 12th house, the most private sector of the horoscope is ruled by Venus and it’s going to Sagittarius in your 2nd house October 8, promising a turning tide with finances and your self-worth issues, and allowing for a wider perspective. Your ruler Mars conjunct October 6 New Moon when both Sun and Moon unite is in your 12th house might bring some more hidden agendas and even subversive play from others, but your other ruler Pluto in Capricorn in 3rd house is going direct on the same day, indicating things will start moving forward more smoothly with in-depth communication. And Jupiter and Saturn both are making trines all month to the Libra planets from your 4th house, stabilizing and helping from family and home. Full Moon in Aries October 20 in your 6th house of work and wellbeing is sextile Jupiter in Aquarius meaning help comes from home, and the square to Pluto symbolizes an end to a troublesome stretch with communications. 

SAGITTARIUS November 22–December 21

Your own planet Jupiter is going direct this month, reversing the trend of not quite being able to move ahead with your customary luck. In your 3rd house or communications sector in Aquarius, it signals it’s time to move ahead with your project in business or with teams after October 18 when it at Mercury also go direct. Jupiter is also trine Sun, Mercury and Mars in Libra in your friends and networking sector, adding to the social, communications focus. They’re livening up your social networks, although, until October 18, there could be delays and resistance, especially with Mars too close or combust to Sun,  your energy doesn’t run freely. New Moon in 11th house October 6, as well as Pluto, turning direct in Capricorn in your 2nd house of money and self-worth, and Venus going to Sagittarius on your Ascendant two days later show a new beginning for personally important aims. Saturn is also turning direct in Aquarius on October 11, giving you stability and helping networks and projects move forward. Full Moon at 27 Aries October 20 falls in your 5th house or pleasures and creativity sector—it’s in a good aspect with Jupiter, although there could be discord with lovers or your kids over something started about a month ago. With Jupiter’s influence, the end result usually is good. 

CAPRICORN December 22–January 20

Your own planet Saturn is turning direct this month after several months of retrograde motion, in Aquarius in your 2nd house, so your money matters and resources can finally start moving ahead, especially since Jupiter, the planet of luck is also there and also turning direct. There could have been some hidden issues about money since Jupiter rules the 12th house, but now things are being cleared. Wait until after October 18 for best results, because by then, all the retrogrades have turned direct, and Full Moon two days later can bring matters to final conclusion. It could be something to do with property or home. The top of your chart, 10th or career and status house are lit up all month, with Sun, Mercury, Mars and New Moon all there, trine or in a good aspect to Jupiter and Saturn in your money house, so progress and advances are in the cards, there might even be a new job that’s good for your long-term career and status as well as money. Pluto turns direct in your ascending sign on October 6 at the New Moon, also promising your personal issues start to clear up. 

AQUARIUS  January 22–February 21

Your ruler Uranus retrograde in Taurus in your home and family sector might cause some upheavals there, but your 2nd ruler Saturn as well as Jupiter are going direct in your ascending sign this month, promising the return of luck with your networks and friends since it rules your 11th, and you’ll overcome any hidden opposition since Jupiter rules your 12th house. With Sun, Mercury, Mars and New Moon all illuminating your 9th house in Libra and Mercury turning direct, there can be a more lofty perspective to all your issues—it could be spiritual insights, a new field of higher studies, or you might go away for a long trip. But it’s best to wait until after October 18 when all the planets have turned direct. New Moon and Pluto in Capricorn in your 12th house of hidden issues turning direct already October 6, Venus going to your lucky house 11 October 8 show this is a good month for clearing the decks and enjoying good friendships and networks. Full Moon October 20 in Aries in your 3rd house communications hub brings to a conclusion some lingering hidden issues since it’s square Pluto, opposite Mars but also sextile Jupiter. It might bring some drama, but with the good aspect from Jupiter, decks will be cleared for something much better in the future.

PISCES February 21–March 20

This month, your shared resources are under the limelight, since Sun, Mercury, Mars and New Moon all fall in 8th house in Libra. It’s possible to get rewards through a partnership of some kind, possibly your spouse, business partner, a teammate or even through some speculation, with Jupiter and Saturn both trining the Libra planets. They could be some benevolent persons who want to help you anonymously, but wait until after October 18 when everything’s turned direct and a new cycle can start. Saturn in 12th can indicate someone who has not had your best interest at heart, maybe someone who you thought was a friend—but turning direct, it’s all cleared. At the October 6 New Moon, Pluto is also going direct in your hopes and dreams sector giving them the power to move ahead. Your own planet Neptune is retrograde in your ascending sign, and 2nd ruler Jupiter is in Aquarius in your 12th—it might be a little hard for you to see things as they are but Saturn gives a dose of reality, going direct October 11 and stabilizing your perception, possibly with the help of friends, groups and networks. Venus moves to your high point 10th house on October 8, promising promotion or at least pleasant times in your career. Full Moon in Aries October 20 in your 2nd house is sextile Jupiter, combating any possible interference from friends and opposition coming from partners, so the month will end well with good money news and a boost to your self-worth.

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