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(Family Features) In the world of design, what’s old inevitably becomes new again, and a similar pattern is inspiring today’s on-trend color palettes for home decor. The latest styles reflect reviving and comforting colors influenced by heritage and romance, contributing to a look that is both familiar and individualistic.

Maybe you are living the romance of rural lifestyles, prefer the comfort of home, or are steeped in nostalgia for distant times. Some of today’s most beloved design aesthetics celebrate the past, present and future, and bring balance, hope and comfort for you and your family to embrace.

Timeless color

Using color to evoke feelings and emotions is hardly new. But now you can combine a carefully curated color palette with other design elements, allowing you to create a look that pays homage to the past while it breathes new life into your living space.

Reimagining classic, familiar color tones allows you to achieve a design motif that is equal parts reminiscent and refreshing.

“The Vintage Homestead Color Collection offers an effortless look that reveals the importance of being hopeful to find stability and balance,” said Ashley Banbury, senior color designer at HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams. “Our 2023 Color Collection of the Year revives elements from the past that are perfectly paired with vintage, comfortable and classic colors.”

Blending past and present

Striking a balance between old and new can take many forms, as these styles show.

Heritage Revival: An interest in the past is evident in design trends like an appreciation for antiques and vintage elements, such as oversized furniture and traditional shapes. To capture this style, your design should focus on contrasting old and new for a mix-and-match look.

A cohesive color scheme can allow the various elements to stand on their own while working in harmony for an intentional design. For example, the HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams 2023 Color Collection of the Year includes a combination of familiar tones that have been curated by design professionals. The designers borrowed color and concepts from the past, evoking a hopeful future and a sense of belonging.

Hues like Poetry Plum and Hot Cocoa convey warmth and depth, while moderate shades like Restrained Gold and Glamour offer fresh ways to incorporate mid-range neutrals. Meanwhile, soft tones like Natural Linen and Cool Beige offer subtle color for lighter, brighter spaces.

Mixing and matching of eras: A new take on retro design is emerging, blending eras and bringing together old and new furnishings. To get this look and to design for longevity, incorporate pieces that are ambiguous in era and stand the test of time.

Vintage Homestead: Reviving design elements from the past with mixed patterns, classic shapes and vintage decor adds up to comfortable and comforting design. With this trend, prints and patterns encompass a range of styles, reinforcing how interiors connect to fashion. Mixing classic elegance with sleek vintage shapes is refining the concept of polished comfort. To achieve the look, curate pieces in heritage shapes and patterns, along with retro accents. Be sure to incorporate vintage lighting and glass, as well.

A versatile color choice like Darkroom, the 2023 Color of the Year from HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, is an alluring shade that is classic enough for heritage interiors but also modernly retro for a throwback-inspired aesthetic. It’s a neutral perfect for creating an eclectic yet modern look inside and out.

Get inspired to combine the past with the present for a comforting design that’s all your own at You can browse the colors yourself at Honesdale’s Sherwin-Williams Paint Store, 250 Grandview Ave., 570/253-0750.

Content provided by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams.

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