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Endings, transformations and change

Posted 6/2/21


What’s the current mood? Pluto approaches or “transits” the spot it was in at the signing of the Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776 and the …

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the river astrologer

Endings, transformations and change



What’s the current mood? Pluto approaches or “transits” the spot it was in at the signing of the Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776 and the US Birth Chart, for the first time ever since it take 247 years to orbit around the Sun. It’s been in the sign Capricorn since 2008 where it describes the government and rules, bringing with it Plutonian issues of how to use power or abuse of power, and exposing manipulation, corruption and the dark underbelly of social injustices and forcing changes through struggle with the possibility of deep transformation. 

Starting beginning of 2021 when it came within the orb of astrological conjunction to its birth place, culminating in exact conjunction February 22, 2022, and effects going on until 2024, it’s been casting a long shadow nationally - Pluto also describes shared financial recourses and collective issues like the pandemic. It exposes long held taboos and unspoken unjust rules. During Pluto times, we’re forced to face the dark underbelly of our existence, our shadow side, if we haven’t taken notice of the promptings and done it voluntarily.  

Everyone also has Pluto in their natal personal charts, although there’s never going to be an individual Pluto return, because it takes 247 years to come back to the same place. But Pluto transits other, important planets and points in your individual chart, like the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven. The influence is similar as above, but more focused depending on the planet and what it symbolizes, and the astrological house it’s in. There’s usually an irreversible ending of some kind, a chance to let go of outgrown structures, and dealing with taboos, secrets, and the use of or abuse of power, manipulation but also deep healing, transformation and a chance to start anew. Pluto tears down in order to rebuild, exposing things we wish to remain hidden in the process. 


Pluto shows where you need to let go of old modes of thought and action. The deep, dark secrets that have been buried for so long we don’t know they existed on a conscious level have reached a boiling point, and no matter what you do, there’s no stopping the tsunami that’s about to throw you back to the shore, forcing you to leave behind what’s no longer needed – even if it’s painful.  But the other side of Pluto is the chance to start again, to rebuild and renew. Think of it as a rebirth of a kind, and Pluto symbolizes the mythical Phoenix that burned and then rose out of its ashes. Powerful imagery, but it doesn’t have to be that traumatic. Sometimes you can heed Pluto’s urges to let go and move on, make the necessary changes, and then Pluto transits can build on them. Pluto can mean either becoming a victim or target, or fame and fortune depending on your past conduct. 


Pluto is in Capricorn 26 degrees right now, close to its natal place. Capricorn symbolizes government and its structures, rules, responsibilities and stability. Pluto has been transiting this sign since 2008, the time of the Great Recession that forced restructuring, and all that followed, up to now and ongoing until 2024 when Pluto moves to Aquarius, bringing a new focus to more cooperative sharing and networking. Depending on the planet or point this touches in your chart, you might experience ongoing transformation in the structures and finances of your life.


These questions can be helpful when dealing with Pluto transits to your personal chart. If you have planets in 24 to 28 Capricorn OR Cancer, Aries or Libra, you’re right in the middle of a hard Pluto transit, because Pluto will be either conjunct, opposite or square them during this time (2021 to 2024). To find out where your planets are, go to free online sites like, or ask an astrologer. 

WHO AM I? This question is especially important if your Sun is involved. During Pluto transits, you’re forced to leave behind ideas of who you thought you are and to reverse course. It often involves figuring out what and who you really are deep down. 

WHERE DO I BELONG? This question is especially important if Pluto transits the Moon. Moon describes your home and base, and you might be undergoing serious changes and upheavals there. There can be major mood changes, drama and trauma, but always remember, Pluto takes away in order to give something better in return. Perhaps you were forced to make a move you didn’t want to make, or lost someone close, but in the end, you find a much better place for you to live in that lets you feel and express your emotions in a more open way. 

WHAT IS MY IDEOLOGY?  Very important to ask when Pluto touches your Mercury because your thoughts and ideas might either undermine your very existence – or build up to a better world. Ask yourself daily, what is my mind building?

WHERE IS LOVE IN MY LIFE? When Pluto transits Venus, relating comes to the forefront. Ask yourself, what do I value? What is important in harmonious relationships? Where am I directing my love, how do I express it?

HOW DO I ASSERT MYSELF? An important question to ask when Pluto approaches Mars, the symbol of action and desire. Am I acting ethically? Do I force others to do what I want – or am I a pushover? How do I use my sexuality?

WHAT DO I BELIEVE IN? Important questions about religion, spirituality or higher education can lead to renewed faith and optimism. 

WHERE AM I STUCK? Pluto transiting Saturn can be a time when you question your authority and use of power in general, confronting oppressive situations that need to be faced. 

AM I TOO FREEWHEELING? Pluto transiting Uranus can make you aware of the possible jarring or disturbing influence you might have on others with your erratic behavior, and bring unexpected changes if you don’t correct course. 

AM I DRIFTING? Pluto transiting Neptune might bring profound spiritual experiences, sometimes through trauma or escapism of any kind.

 WHERE AM I GOING IN LIFE? When Pluto transits the Ascendant/Descendant axis, a good question to ask is, am I on the right path? How are my close personal relationships and partnerships doing? My marriage?

WHAT DO I AIM FOR? When Pluto transits the MC (Midheaven) / IC (Imum Coeli) axis, start asking yourself what’s important to you in terms of career, status, legacy, and home and family. 

AM I POWERFUL? Pluto transiting its own place in an individual chart can only be a square or 90-degree angle, and it happens at an advanced age. It describes a time of soul-searching regarding your use or abuse of power. 

But with every Pluto transit, out of the ashes, a new you can be reborn! 


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