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Editor's letter: Welcome back


Dear Readers,

It’s the holiday season! Shops are open, the streets are packed, and there are events aplenty for all to enjoy.

We can reconnect.

Families are gathering. Places of worship are welcoming their people home.

Calling myself the editor of the Holiday Gift Guide this year implies that I had a lot to do with it. No. The pages before you are—more than usual—a production of the staff and writers at the River Reporter.

Many thanks to Amanda Reed for her brilliant work, performed under pressure, creating a clever cover and excellent, eye-catching layout. Thanks as well to staff member Leanna Ballester, whose terrific ideas got the magazine moving. To the sales staff, who worked hard to make it happen at all.

And then, of course, the writers. Mark McLaren highlights the importance of shopping local—you’re helping your neighbor’s business, you’re keeping money in the community—and he provides a list of holiday-gift destinations. New writer Emily Herrick reminds us that if finances are a challenge, you can give in other ways and make the recipients just as happy. Tina Spangler offers her favorite holiday films to brighten your season.

And then we have local makers. Jacqueline Herman talked to artist Ellany Gable about the potter’s work and showcases her beautiful art, available right here. New writer Meredith Moyer talked to a different sort of artist, Sharon Daniel of Forkin’ Good Nuts, about her products, which are made lovingly by hand right here in the Upper Delaware.

Laurie Stuart added her story about coming back after a tragedy, and how she recovered recipes that were lost. Hunter Hill, of The Way Out Here fame, lets us into his family’s holidays. They may not be Norman Rockwell-esque, but they are about what truly matters: love, family and joy.

May your holidays be full of joy as well.

Annemarie Schuetz

Section editor

Holiday Gift Guide, editor's letter


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