Snarky newcomer opines basely

Call waiting

Posted 2/22/22

Verizon agent

Appreciate you for waiting on the queue. You have been connected to a live agent. According to our message assistant, this is about having a network issue. Is this accurate?

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Snarky newcomer opines basely

Call waiting


Verizon agent

Appreciate you for waiting on the queue. You have been connected to a live agent. According to our message assistant, this is about having a network issue. Is this accurate?

Leah Casner


no cell service sixth day now

Oh my… I’ll check what’s going on and find your best route on that network issue. For verification, may I please have your name?

Leah Casner.

I was told on chat yesterday there was a network issue, but no outages are showing up on the Verizon site where it says outages will be shown.

Sort of dishonest, to say the least.

I appreciate it, Leah and my sincerest apologies on the inconvenience on the last contact you had as that is never the Verizon experience we wanted you to have. Rest assured Verizon and I will find a way to get your services to work.

While I’m diligently working into your concern, how’s your other Verizon Wireless services and experience so far?

 I have only cell service and it’s not working.

My WiFi is through Hughesnet.

Hope you won’t close this conversation yet until we have completed it because I need to ensure I have covered everything and please allow me to properly close the conversation for you.

I am sad to hear about this experience. I want to make sure that right after we resolve your initial concern, we will also address these underlying issues. Will that be alright?


We certainly wouldn’t want to lose you as a customer. You have my word that Verizon and I right now we’ll get this matter resolved one way or the other. How does that sound?


Six days without cell service,

no notification on the website.

I can’t blame you for feeling that way especially since you’ve had this issue for six days now. I definitely will help you though on getting it resolved one way or the other, but of course I would need to be able to check what’s going on. Will that be fine?

It’s too bad YOU don’t have notification

of network outages on your end.

Makes it hard for you to do your job.

Okay, to set proper expectation, we’ll need to do some troubleshooting to find a solution to that network issue you’re having. I’ll need to ask a few questions in order to find our best route. Is everything not working? (making/receiving calls and texts, and using mobile data)

Just the cell service.

Got it. So I don’t accidentally make you repeat any troubleshooting steps you’ve done recently, may I please know the steps you’ve done in trying to make it work?

Turned on and off. Attempted to call #832

and got “Cannot make cell calls.”

Got it. Along the troubleshooting steps I’ll check if that has been reported to our technical team on your location and if not, report it to them as we’ll be creating a ticket. One moment please.

Mainly I just would like to know if I can

ever expect to have cell coverage again.



I would need to confirm if a report have been done in the past and process one accordingly if not. I am processing a ticket as we speak while we’re doing troubleshooting. Please allow me a few minutes as I work on this.

OK, sorry you have to go through all that.

To help a valued customer like yourself? I’ll be more than happy to go to it again.


I may have mentioned that before.

Oh alrighty. Yes I understand what the last rep said. It’s best we still continue on this so we properly have it reported that you’re still having issues.

I appreciate the information, now I’ll need to check if your phone is properly synced with your line. For this, please go to system > settings > about on it and provide to me the IMEI and ICCID.

Before sending, pleasure to do it in this format for both: 12345.12345.12345 (Period every 5 digits and no spaces)

Under the about phone section, tap or select Sim status and it should be there.

(I find the numbers. They are in the form of four digits, space, four digits, space, four digits.

No periods between sections.)

HAHAHA.  These almost seem like trick questions, like when you are asked to read the word

BLUE but it’s printed in the color RED.



Your connection has been lost.

phone service, service outage, tech support


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