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This is it. We've finally made it. January seems like it took five months and a day to get through. Tomorrow is February 1, and that means winter is one step closer to over. 

On February 2, we get to watch a bunch of drunk guys stand around a groundhog hole and yank out the furry guy to ask him when the hell it's actually going to be over.  (At least for this year, unless PETA gets its way and Phil gets an eviction notice.) 

Assuming we make it through the day and Phil doesn't predict something besides the weather, that "Big Game" is on later in the evening. Here's a little "fun fact" about the Super Bowl: Though I can get away with typing the words "Super Bowl" in this story, I can't use it in any advertisements I make for any local business. Seriously.  Well, it's not that I really can't... but the NFL tends to be very aggressive about its trademarked terms.  So, you really should have approval from the NFL or keep an eye out for those oh-so-fun cease-and-desist letters in the mail. 

This is why so many places say The Big Game instead. 

Advertising that Refers to the Super BowlUnder trademark law, use of a third party’s trademark is considered to be permissible “nominative fair use” if the use does not suggest a relationship between the advertiser and the trademark owner and the trademarked goods or services cannot be readily identified without using the trademark. Nevertheless, the NFL objects to any unauthorized advertising that refer to the Super Bowl. For example, the use in advertising of taglines such as “Stock Up for the Super Bowl” for beer or snacks or “Get the Best View of the Super Bowl” for big-screen TVs has routinely led to the prompt issuance of cease-and-desist letters. The claim may be made directly against the advertiser, as well as against a broadcaster or other news organization that publishes the ad. As a result, many broadcasters should not accept advertising that specifically refers to the Super Bowl unless the advertiser first shows that it has NFL approval.

There's seriously a whole list of rules and instances of when it can and can't be used. 

And of course, a whole group of memes. Because, really, what is the internet without memes?

There is a whole subreddit dedicated to Superb Owls.  Google had a landing page for it when you made the typo too. 

It seems like a funny thing... but I remember years ago, when I worked for The Wayne Independent, getting a very similar notice about a copyright infringement we made. We had a weight loss contest in the newspaper, an effort for people to get active, and "The Biggest Loser" got a prize. Apparently, a TV show on NBC had the same exact name. Oops.  Guess when we named the contest, we should have checked it against anything else that could have possibly been named that.  I had suggested a title of Weight No More... but was also in use. (This time we googled!)

Anyhow, quit reading my rambling and go get yourself some wings in preparation for Sunday. I know I will be. There's really no other time of year that you can buy 100 of them for $40. 

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  • Annemarie

    I just saw this! Am currently searching for a giant inflatable owl for the next Superb Owl Sunday. There must be an owl out there somewhere.

    Saturday, March 14, 2020 Report this