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I just scheduled a road test for my daughter, Lily, to get her NY state driver’s license. This means she has to hurry up and learn how to parallel park in the next week or so.

Photo from Pixabay

Bee Pasture

Bee Pasture

Here there is pasture for the sun struck bees;

Blue bee balm rooted deep among old stones,

Sweet white clover, wild hillside thyme,

Basswood blossoms, so much perfume to spare

It wastes on winds a half a mile away.

What’s in the bag?

Last month, New York enacted a new law that bans those single-use plastic-carryout bags we use to get our groceries and other purchases home from the store. Smaller plastic bags will still be available for produce, raw meats and at the deli counter, and we’ll still be able to buy trash bags and food storage bags for home use.



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