Lake Huntington News 11/9

I am so sorry there was not a column last week, but I was in Wayne Memorial Hospital ER once again.  This time, it was my infected sinuses pressing against my optical nerve. It felt like my eye was going to pop out of my head. Another CATscan and more antibiotics, and I am very glad to tell you that on November 2, I had the sinus surgery. It took them 6 tries to get an IV in, the radiologist nurse said to me, “You keep telling me I am hurting you, with all your tattoos this should be nothing.” He thought he was funny. I told him my tattoos are for life. The surgeon came out and I had to suck it up. They jabbed it in hit a nerve my arm went numb. They gave me a shot, and the next thing I knew, I woke up with no pain in my ear or eye.

It’s not fun, not being able to look down or blow your nose when it is packed, I go back to the doctor on November 8. God bless Dr. Lui and all at Wayne Memorial Hospital. I am feeling much better, thank you for all the thoughts, prayers, well wishes, phone calls and cards.

On November 2, you had a right to go out and vote. In my personal opinion I think our town is blessed with a great crew. All of us are running unopposed; I think that is because we do a good job. I would like to thank Gary Maas, Supervisor; Kevin Esselman, Highway Supervisor; Sean Nearing, Town Board; Dr. Paul Salzberg, Town Board; Steven Sauer and Craig Fine, Town Justice; and myself, Eileen Hennessy, Tax Collector, for running again. The Town of Cochecton is in good hands.

The Cochecton Youth Group went on a trip to Met Life Stadium with CD Trips to see the New York Giants and the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. The bus was packed and the tail gate party was fun. The Giants didn’t do too good. I was told they witnessed history with the most points scored against the NY Giants, 51-17. Gary Siegel and Michelle Semerano of CD Trips handed out rain ponchos to keep everyone dry and did a great job with the snack packs. You can go on to the CD Trip or Cochecton Youth Group Facebook page to see pictures.

Keep smiling and have a great week, and you can e-mail me at or call 845/252-3568 if you have any news. You can always check me out at in Community Living.


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