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Martin Beitler is 60 years old and practices internal medicine in NYC. For 11 years, he has owned a house on the creek off of 17B. The pristine environment of Sullivan County is what drew him and his husband Jeff Bretl to buy their second home here, so he is concerned about the proposed location of the new town barn.  

Protecting the Callicoon creek and reevaluating priorities

Our corner of Sullivan County is beautiful. Practically everywhere you turn there is a stream or a lake, stone walls abound with abundant trees and wildlife. This is the reason we bought our second home here and have invested in improving and upgrading it, and it’s the reason we love every minute we are able to spend here.

Jerry Ebert has been involved in the community over the past few decades. He was both an editor and journalist for 15 years at the Cornwall Local and Orange County Sentinel. He has been a union representative for 30 years. Currently a union representative for Sullivan County employees,  he is very close to the impacts of the area’s opioid epidemic.

The opioid epidemic: voices from the front lines

As Teamster Union representative for county employees, I can say that there is an even bigger problem our county faces besides the bottom-of-the barrel wages paid to county employees. That problem is the county’s exploding opioid epidemic.

Bernie Sanders is considered a democratic socialist—but is he? Photo via Wikimedia Commons/Nick Solari

The myth of democratic socialism

Stewart Epstein is a retired sociology and social work professor who taught at West Virginia University, Slippery Rock University and SUNY-Brockport. He recently announced his 2020 candidacy for the U.S. Congress in western New York. He lives in Rochester, NY. 

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Taking care of our own

I’m often heard telling folks that it’s important we “take care of our own”—that we pay county employees a living wage that doesn’t require them to be lining up at our Social Services office just to put food on the family table, or, just as bad, taking their skills elsewhere. I’ve written about that topic in this very space.

Photo contributed by Emma Long

Long and her step-brother, Anthony Resti, before his death in 2014. 

‘You never deserved this’: My brother’s fight with addiction

Twenty-one-year-old Emma Long’s step brother Anthony Resti passed away of an overdose December 16, 2014—one of roughly 47,000 people who died from drug overdoses in the U.S. that year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Since then, Pennsylvania has consistently been one of the most at-risk states for opioid addiction and overdose.



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