Looking Back

Long Eddy Junior High students (early 1900s)

Looking Back 9/6/18

Summer is drawing to a close and, as September begins, the new school year opens for many local districts.

Though class sizes in the Upper Delaware today typically remain small compared to schools across the nation, much smaller schools once existed in the area.

Looking Back 8/30/18

John S. O’Connor built the glass-cutting factory at the foot of the Wallenpaupack Falls, Hawley, in 1890, quickly establishing a highly successful business producing American rich cut glass. The factory, constructed of native stone, was heated by steam and lighted by electricity.

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Looking Back 8/16/18

This early photo of the Delaware & Hudson Canal near Tryon Street in Honesdale demonstrates why it took seven to 10 days for a boat to travel to Rondout (Kingston) on the Hudson River after being loaded with anthracite coal from Northeastern Pennsylvania to market in New York City.

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Looking Back 8/2/18

Lyman Louis Lemnitzer was born August 29, 1899 in Honesdale, PA, second son of Mr. and Mrs. William L. Lemnitzer. Graduating 86th of 271 in his West Point class of 1920, Lemnitzer was stationed for a time in the Philippines. In 1923 he married Katherine Tryon, daughter of a Methodist minister.

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The McKoon home today

Looking Back 7/26/18

What was old is new again! The Long Eddy home, known as “Bluestone Terraces” due to its intricate stone walls throughout the property, has recently received a major renovation, bringing it back to its former glory. The home was built in 1867 by Dennis D.

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Looking Back 7/19/18

Adolph Linke was one of five Bohemian decorators recruited by Carl Prosch in 1901 to work in Christian Dorflinger’s Honesdale Decorating Company in Seelyville, PA. By 1910, Adolph, his wife Pauline, son Richard and daughters Amelia, Adolphine, Bertha, Annie and Frances were living on Beech Grove Road.

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Looking Back 7/12/18

Baseball season is nearing the halfway point, with the Major League All-Star Game coming up on July 17. But before the days of designated hitters, pitch counts and multi-million dollar contracts, baseball was played as a pastime in our area.

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Looking Back 7/5

The Glass Factory School was located in Dyberry Township, in the area known since the very early days of Wayne County as the “Old Glass Factory Road” or “Coffee-Pot Road.” The latter name supposedly came from the pupils at the Glass Factory School heating their lunch beverage on the school stove.



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