Looking Back

Photos contributed by the Basket Historical Society
Stamp booklet for customers of Henry Doyle’s general store in Long Eddy from the mid-1900s.

Rewarding customers in the mid-1900s

Today, we have rewards cards and online point-systems when we shop, but in the late-19th and early-20th centuries, stores used trading stamps as an incentive to become a repeat customer.

Photo contributed by the Wayne County Historical Society

Company M of the 17th Cavalry was made up of Wayne County recruits, mostly from Salem Township.

Honesdale businessman commanded locally-recruited cavalry

Company M, part of the 162nd Pennsylvania Regiment (17th Cavalry), was recruited in Wayne County—mostly in Salem Township—in the summer and autumn of 1862. It was commanded by Captain Coe Durland, who ended the Civil War as a lieutenant colonel and went on to become one of the most successful businessmen in Wayne County history.

Photo from Rebecca Nevin-Gales/ the Basket Historical Society
This photo shows an unusual means of conveyance when streets were not routinely plowed of snow.  The scene of the half track truck with skis is from downtown Livingston Manor (date uncertain, possibly c. 1920.)  Those pictured are Ernest F. Treyz, G.H. Treyz, E.F. Davidson and Paul Cousins. 

Before there were plows

A combination of February snowstorms and winding rural roads make us all thankful for snow plows during this season. However, the technology used today to deal with the harsh weather came along gradually. Generations before us had very different experiences in the winter.

Photo contributed by the Basket Historical Society

The main barn at Andersen’s farm in Long Eddy, one of the area’s larger producers of maple syrup.

Looking Back 2/6/19

Late winter is upon New York, and the prime season for maple sugaring is nearing. Producing the second-highest quantity of maple syrup—only behind Vermont—New York has a rich history of tapping its state tree, the sugar maple, every winter.

Photo contributed by the Wayne County Historical Society

Weigh-Mart to Waymart

The only Delaware & Hudson Gravity Railroad depot left in Wayne County today houses the Waymart Area Historical Society. The exact age of the building is not known, but it is shown on an 1860 map.

Photo contributed by the Basket Historical Society

Mike Johnson walks down Highway 97 in snowy Long Eddy (date uncertain).

Historic snowfalls

Over the recent holiday weekend, Sullivan County saw heavy snow, brought on by winter storm Harper. After accumulating nine inches of snow on Saturday and Sunday, Monday morning’s temperature in Long Eddy was a -4 degrees F. Winter has surely arrived.

Photo contributed by the Wayne County Historical Society

The great Gettysburg Reunion of 1913

The great Gettysburg Reunion of 1913 marked the 50th anniversary of the crucial Civil War battle and the largest official gathering of veterans from both sides of the conflict. A total of 53,407 veterans, 8,750 of them Confederate, gathered peacefully from June 29 through July 4, 1913, with delegations from 46 of the 48 states.

Photo from the Wayne County Historical Society

Looking Back 1/9/19

The workers of the J. S. O’Connor Rich Cut Glass Company in Hawley posed for this photo during the factory’s heyday in the 1890s. The company was one of the largest glass-cutting factories in America, as well as a major employer in Wayne County, PA.



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