NOTICE IS GIVEN that pursuant to section 2014 of the Education Law, Personal Registration of voters is required, and no person shall be entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting and Election to be held on May 17, 2022, whose name does not appear on the register of the District or who does not register as hereinafter provided, except a person who is otherwise qualified to vote and is registered under the provisions of Article 5 of the Election Law.   The times and place of registration are set forth below, and any person shall be entitled to have that person’s name placed upon such register, that person is known or proven to the satisfaction of the District Clerk, to be then or thereafter entitled to vote at the school meeting or election for which such register is prepared.  The District Clerk shall prepare a register for said Annual Meeting and Election which shall include all persons who shall have presented themselves personally for registration for any annual budget vote and election or special district meeting or election and who shall have voted at any Annual or Special Meeting or Election or conducted at any time during the 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 calendar years.   

Posted 3/30/2022