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Twenty-five ways to update your home without a major remodel


Now that most of us are spending more time at home, we are beginning to notice areas of the house that need freshening up. Rather than feel overwhelmed, the best way to tackle these projects is to concentrate on those that are more doable—ones that add beauty and value without requiring a major overhaul.

Here is a list of 25 easy fix-ups that will change the look of your home and keep you from going stir-crazy.


  1. Refresh the yard by replacing overgrown or unhealthy plants.
  2. Brighten up bald spots on the lawn with colorfully painted rocks.
  3. Paint the front door, add decorative hardware and some green ornamentation.
  4. Add a burst of color with bright window boxes placed on windows or porch railings.
  5. Paint window and door frames a bright color that blends in with the color of your house.

Front Hall / Entry

  1. Tile the floor with brightly colored or patterned vinyl tiles. Because of the size of the space, it’s an easy project to tackle.
  2. Wallpaper one wall with a patterned print.
  3. Create a mini-gallery. Mount picture rails along the wall for a changing display of artwork and photos.
  4. Add a small decorative table and a chair, place a flower arrangement or plant for a touch of color.
  5. Hang a large mirror on the wall to reflect light and provide a primping-up area.


  1. Replace the sink and faucets with a new decorative style.
  2. Add a towel warmer.
  3. Install beadboard wainscoting to the bottom half of the wall.
  4. Replace accessory items like the shower curtain, toilet seat, towels, rugs, hardware and lighting with new decorative ones.
  5. Hang a large decorative mirror and inexpensive framed prints.


  1. Install decorative hardware to your cabinets
  2. Hang a small chandelier over your kitchen table
  3. Paint your bottom cabinets a bright color.
  4. Replace one or two of the top wood cabinet doors with new glass front doors.
  5. Mount brightly painted pegboard onto a wall or door to hold decorative pots and utensils.

Add Value

  1. Install energy-efficient ceiling fans to cut back on air-conditioning costs.
  2. Replace worn floors or area rugs with new products.
  3. Update dingy or scratched kitchen and bath countertops with new laminate, solid surfacing or stone.
  4. Replace and upgrade lighting fixtures indoors and out.
  5. To save floor space replace a standard door with a pocket door.
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