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Rhulen Rock Hill Run & Ramble marks 30th anniversary

Posted 6/29/22

ROCK HILL. NY — “We run this because of the memories, a tribute to those who passed away,” said Thomas McGrath, a 55-year-old runner, who competed in the Rhulen Rock Hill Run & …

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Talking sports

Rhulen Rock Hill Run & Ramble marks 30th anniversary


ROCK HILL. NY — “We run this because of the memories, a tribute to those who passed away,” said Thomas McGrath, a 55-year-old runner, who competed in the Rhulen Rock Hill Run & Ramble 5K race on June 18.

After the race, the longtime resident of Sullivan County said that he joined the group of several hundred runners in honor of a close relative who died of leukemia in her mid-20s. “We’re all local people; we’re all family… We grew up in Monticello, Loch Sheldrake and Hurleyville.”

McGrath finished the 5K in 12th place in the male 55-to-59 age category, with a time of 38:33.

Suzy Rhulen Loughlin returned to the action as race director for the 30th anniversary of the race. It’s named in honor of her legendary father, Walter Rhulen, a well-respected member of the community and founder of the Rhulen Agency. He passed away from leukemia in 1998.

In the May 2022 edition of the Orange Runners Club newsletter, Loughlin wrote a moving tribute to her late father, and her son Trevor, who was lost to the world at age 21 She explained the origins of the popular race, and its mission to raise funds for medical research and local charities.

“A lot has happened over three decades,” she wrote. “In 1993, the R4 kicked off, benefiting the American Heart Association… My father was committed to health and fitness… he jogged religiously for decades (back when they didn’t call it running), completing his first marathon at age 50.

“It was unfair that a man who lived a healthy lifestyle, dedicated to helping others, would be diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 65, and die within five months,” she continued.

“Cruel in fact. But we all know, living in the world we are in, life is not fair. It is random, and yes, at times, cruel. Whether a catastrophic diagnosis, the attacks in Ukraine, or the crisis of violence and addiction in our own country, families are shattered.”

Since 1993, the Rhulen Run and Ramble has donated over $1.5 million to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the Trevor Loughlin Foundation, the American Heart Association, and to local charities.

Suzy Loughlin noted that since 2013, the Trevor Loughlin Foundation has issued 114 patient grants to “help with the financial challenges” that are associated with battling various forms of cancer.

“The goodness of people can always rise above the cruelty, and when we serve others, we can also heal ourselves,” she wrote in summation.

The 2022 Rhulen Run & Ramble attracted a total of 769 registered runners, mostly in-person with a few added virtually.

Loughlin noted that in addition to donating funds to Ukrainian charities who help kids fight cancer, the foundation donated $5,000 to St. Jude to benefit Ukrainian patients brought to our shores, and an additional amount given to a second organization “working on the ground to help these children.”

Joining the hundreds of runners were nine-year-old Bradley Kenney and his father Darren, a 2001 graduate of Fallsburg High School. Darren Kenney now teaches phys-ed at the Home of the Comets.

“I think I placed pretty good,” said Bradley, a third-grader at Tri-Valley. It “was great fun.”

The youngster placed first in the male 10-and-under group, taking the age group champ title, and finished 68th overall with a time of 24:10.

His dad placed eighth in the male 35-39 category, and 135th overall at 28:23.

“He always takes off in front of me, and I never see him the whole time,” said Darren Kenney. His son beat him to the finish line by 4 minutes 13 seconds.

“I don’t know where he gets it from,” he added proudly.


This is a short version.  A complete list of the results was compiled by Second Wind Timing, and can be viewed at

Male overall—Top 10 runners

First place, Mike Chow 16:54; second place, Oliver Jibb 17:57; third place, John Tobin 18:03; fourth place, Ryan Omara 18:15; fifth place, Bryce Shannon 18:20; sixth place, James Gann 18:51; seventh place, Gary Dennis 19:04; eighth place, Matthew Sze 19:06; ninth place, Thomas Houghtaling 19:07; 10th place, Benjamin Stankunas 19:09.

Female overall—Top 10 runners

First place, Sydney Johnson 19:14; second place, Marisa Futerastrange 19:47; third place, Shanna Beairsto 20:04; fourth place, Jacklyn Walles 20:13; fifth place, Jennifer Nolan 20:18; sixth place, Hannah Pawlowsi 20:42; seventh place, Roxanne Bachana 21:11; eighth place, Jean Norton 21:26; ninth place, Kristy Sigelakis 21:54; tenth place, Barbara Flynn Ferrante 22:24.

Male—First-place finishers by age category

10 and under, Bradley Kenney 24:10; 11-14, Martin Hronel 21:21; 15-19, Bryce Shannon 18:20; 20-24, Benjamin Golpen 22:47; 25-29, Yovanni Fields 21:29; 30-34, Matthew Sze 19:06; 35-39, Evan Stankunas 19:09; 40-44, Ryan Omara 18:15; 45-49, John Greenhill 22:59; 50-54, Gary Dennis 19:04; 55-59, Donald Thurston 19:25; 60-64, Franz Scholten 21:07; 65-69, Bob Tedaldi 25:13; 70-74, Richard Robillard 28:32; 75-79, Lorne Macdonald 34:46; 80-plus, Bill Rosenberg 32:19.

Female—First-place finishers by age category

10 and under, Ashlen Sigelakis 34:12; 11-14, Brianna Downes-Martinez 29:10; 15-19, Hannah Pawlowski 20:42; 20-24, Samantha Dorn 23:19; 25-29, Ashley Weintraub 24:11; 30-34, Jacklyn Walles 20:13; 35-39, Elizabeth Sollecito 22:43; 40-44, Jennifer Nolan 20:18; 45-49, Susan Plocharczyk 25:03; 50-54, Barbara Flynn Ferrante 22:24; 55-59, Gina Contreras 23:26; 60-64, Nancy Sietsma 23:13; 65-69, Suzanne White 25:04; 70-74, Rebecca Withers 32:19; 75-79, Rosemary Lasche 36:17; 80-plus, Victoria Greffrath 48:23.

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