Our Country Home late Summer 2019: Letter from the editor

Annemarie Schuetz explains that this issue is all about your kitchen.


Once upon a time, we all lived in the kitchen.

That was when the kitchen was most of, if not all of, the house. We’ve come around to that again. There’s a reason the kitchen is traditionally sacred: sometimes it still feels like we all live there. We cook, we eat, we work, we do homework, we connect.

The previous issue of Our Country Home set out to convince you that the kitchen didn’t have to be the heart of your home. This time, we’ll give some love to the kitchen, and the memories and emotions that the word brings to the surface.

Check out food columnist Jude Waterston’s piece on her city kitchen—”tiny” does not begin to describe it—and her country kitchen. And then make her orzo salad; I did, and this versatile recipe will appear a lot on my table this summer, full of the season’s produce.

Barbara Winfield visited two local shops that boast full-size vintage kitchens as well as a plethora of items for your own nostalgic space. The accompanying list gives you some more places to look.

Renovating the kitchen is often the first step when we want something new in our house. I interviewed Tom Sanford and Dory Alport, both experienced with the needs of kitchens and practical in their approach. And then there’s a list of current trends in appliances and lighting, just in case you want to embrace the modern.
May you find happiness in your kitchen, whatever it looks like.

Annemarie Schuetz
Editor, Our Country Home


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