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One for the birds


This week has been for the birds. Seriously. The weather has been warmer than usual, but it's still managing to dump a few inches of snow at my house every night. (When I get to work, though, there's barely a trace). 

The "gentle" breeze of winter wind howling on top of the mountain, paired with the snow and ice and Friday's balmy temperature of around 16 degrees Fareinheit really dampens the mood. Sure, the sun is out and there's some brave birds chirping, but I think the groundhog needs to stay in his hole. 

Last weekend was a super moon. Sometimes I see a difference in the lighting and the size, and sometimes I don't. So, though it was cloudy with snow flying in northern Wayne County, I went outside well after dark and tried to snap a few shots. I thought it might not be too bad considering the temperature was in the low 30s, but the clouds made adjusting the manual settings on the camera near impossible.  I tried for a solid 10 minutes and came away with two shots I didn't hate. 

The snow (yes, it snowed up there) over the weekend kept me inside too. There wasn't anywhere I really needed to be, so I watched the birdfeeder outside my kitchen window with the camera in my hand. 

It really was the sort of thing I needed to do. I'd had a long week working on the Best and knew there was so much more to do come Monday.  So, I leaned on the counter and watched the bird with my copy of the "National Audubon Society Field Guide to Birds" that I got from my grandparents upon graduating kindergarten.  (Yes. I've had the book that long, and used it the whole time too.)

Some of the birds wouldn't sit still long enough to photograph them, but I did get to see them long enough to flip through the pages.  The book in one hand, the camera on the counter and me waiting for my chance, I managed to catch quite a few different birds in the frame and actually identify them too. 

One chickadee photo with its tongue sticking out was the cover photo for this week's edition of the newspaper.  

I don't have a lot to say other than that. Pretty lame blog post right? Well... maybe next week I'll have a bit more to write about. If it warms up a little!

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