November astrology: lunar eclipse invites letting go

Posted 12/31/69

While leaves are falling outside, the weather turns colder and we seek shelter indoors, this month’s astrology also calls for turning inward, perhaps some soul-searching and letting go of old …

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November astrology: lunar eclipse invites letting go


While leaves are falling outside, the weather turns colder and we seek shelter indoors, this month’s astrology also calls for turning inward, perhaps some soul-searching and letting go of old habits and thoughts we’re better off without. Almost all month, it’s the mysterious Scorpio season, when secrets unfold and forces we don’t quite understand come to play. Toward the end, a lighter mood sets in when the Sun moves to Sagittarius. 

Eclipses are to do with the dance of Sun and Moon and their changing relationship to our earth. At the Lunar Eclipse November 19 at 27 degrees Taurus, Earth is directly between Sun and Moon, and the two are “opposite” astrologically, and casting a brief shadow over the Moon, dimming its light. Symbolically, eclipses are times of dramatic outcomes or turning points, but while the ancients feared these times when the Lights dimmed, modern astrologers point more to the renewing and transformative energy of these times, more so than ever when the sign Scorpio is involved. It is the sign of transformation and regeneration. While the lunar eclipse happens in the sign Taurus, in astrology the signs always move opposite their counterpart in the 12 signs, and Taurus is the opposite “partner” of Scorpio. 

Right at the beginning of the month, November 4, New Moon in Scorpio is a cosmic moment when psychologically and spiritually we can have a new beginning that doesn’t come without letting go of something we’ve outgrown, and starting anew. Depending on which part of the zodiac wheel it falls in each sign, different themes are highlighted—more below for each sign. It can always be helpful to do some concrete symbolic action at these power times—like writing down on a piece of paper the things you want to let go of, and then burn them down to ashes, letting them go. It clears the way for the new to come in. It’s also helpful to make a list of the new things you want, this time making it beautiful. Then, place it in a prominent place in your home where you can see it remind you daily of what your aims and goals are. 

Below are brief notes for each Sun sign about where November 4 New Moon and November 19 Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse fall in your chart, and what kinds of issues are likely to surface. The notes are more relevant for the Ascendant , and also for the Sun sign. For more info about your personal chart, email

ARIES March 21 - April 19

New Moon November 4 falls in your 8th house—this is the actual Scorpio house, so deep, transforming, mysterious things come up, and might have been happening in your life for up to a week. This is a great moment to let go of your need to control—give it over to the universe, and let be. Then, make a list of how you’d like things to be in your intimate relationships; ask, how can I be more accommodating and make a compromise, instead of asserting my will, and sit quietly, waiting for answers to come.

November 19 Lunar Eclipse falls in your 2nd house, and this is to do with your personal value and money. The energy is ripe for you to bring to a culmination some financial issues you’ve been struggling with.  While eclipse energy is unpredictable, be prepared for the unexpected. At the same time, this can be a turning point for the better. 

TAURUS April 20 - May 20

New Moon in Scorpio November 4 highlights your close personal relationships and marriage. It falls in your 7th house, so you can be ready for a new beginning with your partner or spouse, but it won’t come without having to let go of something that’s been bothering the relationship for some time. Just do it, apologize even if you’re not sure you were at fault, and go ahead with a happy heart!

November 19 Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse speaks more of your personal aims and goals, of you as an individual and what you want to accomplish in life. While the light of the Moon is darkened briefly, symbolizing something has to go, something that was important but perhaps not constructive for you personally but refused to see, it’s also a time to see the new horizon of possibilities you didn’t dream of before. Your sign, Taurus the builder is given a boost, go for it, build your future on your own terms—but don’t forget your partner either, he or she is part of this Eclipse.

May 21 - June 21

November 4 New Moon in Scorpio pulls your attention and energy to how you handle your relationships at work, with your co-workers, or those who work for you. Have you been a pleasant co-worker or boss, or have you sometimes forgotten they’re also persons of their own right, not just persons you work with? This New Moon invites you to examine where there might be room for a new approach. 

Taurus Full Moon / Lunar eclipse in your 12th house or zone of secrets could bring to light things, mostly about you yourself, a side of you you hadn’t even known existed or refused to acknowledge. They might be brought by others in work situations, or maybe by some kind of health issue that makes you examine what’s important. This doesn’t mean you get sick - but there’s a side of you that you might have been ignoring consistently and now it’s time to say “hello” and then let it go. It starts with looking at it squarely in the face, and admitting that there’s room to improve. Then, make waves with your newly found persona of good cheer and cooperation in everyday situations.

CANCER June 22 - July 22

November 4 New Moon lights up your 5th house of fun, entertainment and romance, making this a good moment to let go of anything that might have been holding you back like old beliefs about having fun or how dating doesn’t work for you. Write them down, tear them in a million pieces or burn the piece of paper, and be ready for the new to come in your life - something deeper that might not be forever, but leaves you transformed. 

Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse November 19 in Taurus makes you realize maybe not all who you thought were friends were not really so. Another way to look at this is to give yourself the opportunity to understand there can be many different levels of friendship and acquaintances - and some are just for mutual benefit like networking for business. You can make magic with this moment by understanding your more hidden side that just wants to believe the best of everyone while being over-touchy with others. Then resolve that it’s time for the new you to emerge from the shadows. 

LEO July 23 - August 22

For you, the royalty of the zodiac, November 4 New Moon in Scorpio is an opportunity to practice a more egalitarian approach, especially at home and with family, since it highlights your 4th house. Have you been demanding the center stage even with your loved ones, without considering it’s all the same family? Time to sow new seeds of relating at home is now. 

At November 19 Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse at the top of your chart in 10th house, career matters and station in life come to brilliant limelight. It might be the end of a cycle and a turning point in your career, but it won’t come without letting go of some outmoded ideas about how everything should be and how you should progress in your career. Make 2 lists, one of the things you want to leave behind, and another of things you want to remember from now on. Then burn the first, and make a point of examining the second each morning to remind you of your new goals.

VIRGO August 23 - September 22

The New Moon in Scorpio November 4 falls in your 3rd house of communications, giving power to your words. It’s a good moment in time to start a new blog or podcast around now, or start writing the novel you always wanted, and it’s likely to be about deep, mysterious, Scorpionic issues like crime or psychic matter. Before you can forge ahead, remember to allow for the necessary letting go of the old - perhaps you didn’t quite make it with your last podcasting effort, but there’s always a new beginning, and it’s a good time to start anew. 

November 19 Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Taurus in your 9th house speaks to your beliefs and ideals and invites you to examine closely what’s no longer necessary and how might they hold you back instead of helping you. You might get a glimpse of what psychologists call your shadow side, meaning the darker things we all have, and they’re likely to be rigid dogma or doctrines you’ve been clinging to - let them go and move ahead.

LIBRA September 23 - October 23

While you’re sometimes known for not being able to make up your mind, the combined Scorpio/Taurus energy this month will help you with your decision-making. November 4 New Moon in Scorpio takes place in your 2nd house of finances, and while this can be a new beginning with your finances, it won’t come without giving up some old, more luxury-oriented spending habits. Scorpio energy invites you to examine them, and then make a list of what you can do without, to put your finances on a better footing.

Taurus Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse November 19 in your 8th house brings to focus your money versus your partner/spouse’s money. There can also be issues over how you view your self-worth, and how it’s related to your earning capacity. Regardless of what your partner might think, you can make it on your own although sharing is much more to your liking. This Lunar Eclipse offers a way to put concrete plans into place to prove that.

SCORPIO October 24 - November 21

November 4 New Moon in Scorpio in your Ascending sign gives power to your very personal aims and wishes in life—make sure you make wise choices and let the universe guide you so you won’t go after them too vigorously since the Scorpio energy is magnified. Be aware of how others could perceive your powerful energy now, and tone it down. Be mindful of how you could impact others, and all will be well. 

Taurus Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse November 19 in your marriage and partnership area gives you a chance to examine something you didn’t want to acknowledge up to now—something hidden even from yourself, your shadow side. This powerful Lunar Eclipse will fire up all the pent-up emotions—if you won’t do some emotional housekeeping first, your spouse or partner sure will, and then it might get ugly. It’s good to get there first - acknowledge relationships need to be on even footing, no matter what, and go from there. 

SAGITTARIUS November 22 - December 21

While Sagittarians are known for their freewheeling ways, November 4 New Moon in Scorpio in your 12th house is an opportunity to acknowledge it’s not always the best strategy. Now’s the change to acknowledge you do have a side that’s more tuned to power and its use.  The powerhouse Scorpio won’t leave anything uncovered, especially in this most private and secretive area of the chart. Try to sit still and then make a list of what you’d like to be and keep reminding yourself daily that being responsible is good. 

November 19 Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Taurus in your 6th house seems to send a message, something’s got to give at the work front. If you’ve been working too hard and found co-workers or bosses or those who work for you maybe worked too hard while you chose to sit on the sidelines, now’s the time to change. Show the side of you they never suspected! Pitching in with gusto and leading the way has its own rewards. No worries, full Scorpio/Taurus energy is supporting you. 

CAPRICORN December 22 - January 19

New Moon in Scorpio November 4 highlights your hopes, wishes and dreams and good outcomes in your 11th house, pointing the way to go is through friends, groups and networking. Capricorns are hard-working, and this New Moon adds the Scorpio power to what you wish to accomplish and rewards from a job well done. First, though, make a list of things you need to let go of—they might include the need to be in charge, and to go it alone, and instead focus on more equal power sharing and networking. 

November 19 Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Taurus falls in your play area, the 5th house. Have you been working too hard, something that’s natural for Capricorn? Now’s the time to let go a little, go out, have fun, maybe a little romancing too. Taurus Moon is abundant and sensual, it could be a turning point to have more pleasures in your life. 

AQUARIUS January 22 - February 19

With the New Moon in Scorpio November 4 at the top of your chart in 10th house, it’s big career time for Aquarius. It promises a new beginning in your business or career, an opportunity to practice your egalitarian principles in real time. First, remember that you also need to let go of any outdated ideas that might be dragging you down. 

Taurus Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse November 19 in your 4th house brings to light issues you might have been hiding from yourself at home. Aquarians tend to sometimes feel smothered by too much closeness - if that’s the case, your nearest and dearest might feel neglected, and unless you make a correction yourself, they might bring it to you in some form of unpleasant action. It’s best to make a list of what needs to go, and then have a good heart to heart at home. It will clear the decks that will help both your career and family life. 

PISCES February 20 - March 20

November 4 New Moon in Scorpio in your 9th house gives you an opportunity to examine what you believe in, something that’s natural to most Pisceans. However, with Scorpio, there’s an added emphasis on how this impacts your everyday life. This lunation invites you to ask, what do I believe in? What’s my worldview, and how does it help or hinder my life? When the answers come, jot them down and carry them with you to remind you in everyday life that it’s time to move forward, to start anew with new, uplifting ideals. 

Taurus Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse November 19 in your 3rd house brings attention to your communications, and how you interact with brothers, sisters, neighbors and the community around you on daily basis. If there have been brewing issues connected to them, they’ll surface during this powerhouse Lunar Eclipse, but don’t worry, they’ll be aired out but with good communication, all is well. 

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