Never again


Our Grand Old Republic is undergoing its greatest stress test since the Civil War.

Thankfully, the 45th worst president (45 of 45) was successfully terminated by a majority of citizens in a landslide. Watching the calculated post-election propaganda focused on undermining the election in a futile attempt to overturn the election is something no one could have imagined but, at the same time, was to be expected from the former reality TV personality.

Such nonsense jeopardizes people’s faith in the electoral process and our globally respected, peaceful transfer of power from friend and foe alike.

Even with contested elections like 1824 and 2000, 2020 will withstand this unprecedented assault.

All states conducted the election process with the highest integrity, which according to fact, makes 2020 the most secure election in modern history as stated by the Department of Homeland Security and the now-former Director of Cybersecurity, Chris Krebs, who was fired just for doing his job.

This is a complete opposite from 2016 when foreign powers were solicited by the current administration as factually identified by the Mueller Report to engage in undermining the will of the American people.

This time, we were prepared. U.S. Intelligence carefully tracked and coordinated information on a vast scale to identify and deal with any potential threat; the Director of National Intelligence, a political hack, falsely spread information on behalf of the White House.

States, especially battlegrounds like Michigan and Pennsylvania, meticulously and professionally opened polls, collected and tabulated ballots, audited their process and are now certifying. This feat was only possible due to the thousands of workers who—in the face of presidential threats, a global pandemic, millions unemployed and their own personal safety—did a truly marvelous job.

Not even the unbelievable barrage of unsubstantiated fraud claims and interference of the outgoing administration is stopping the undeniable fact that Joseph P. Biden, who won the popular vote by over six million, will be the next President of the United States of America.

The judiciary on every level has stayed true to its laws and thrown out every frivolous challenge to the integrity of the vote with the undeniable fact that Donald J. Trump will be a one-term President.

Even with the obstructionist and duplicitous Mitch McConnell, a rousing group of delusional propagandists from both the GOP House and Senate, and every nut job from Fox to Newsmax spewing toxic divisiveness, the people spoke and did so with crystal clarity!

We must never allow these attacks on the integrity of our election cycle and the mechanisms of such to be assaulted by the Executive.

Major reforms involving Executive power which has steadily been growing over the past 40 years must be enacted to ensure no future president goes unchecked repeating the catastrophe that will end at 12:01 p.m. on January 20, 2021.

Never again.

Ned Sader has more than two decades of public affairs experience working for corporate and nonprofits with a specialty in the development of public/private partnerships (P3). He has served on numerous regional boards and is a lifelong resident of Wayne County.

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