Milford museum director charged


MILFORD, PA — Lori Strelecki, longtime director of the local historical society and Milford’s only museum, has been charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct for cutting the Christmas lights at McAteer and Will Real Estate at Keller Williams’ office on December 16, 2021. The charges were filed and a summons issued by Pike County District Attorney Ray Tonkin on January 4.

“The fact that a well-known person in the community cut our Christmas lights is disheartening.  We are thankful the police made an arrest,” Lisa McAteer said in a text reply.  Carl Will, co-owner of McAteer and Will Real Estate, promised a “show-stopper” next year in response to the crime.

According to the police complaint, Strelecki admitted to the crimes during an interview with the police on December 30, 2021. She is being represented by a public defender.

According to Milford Presents Facebook thread, Strelecki “has been the driving force behind Pike County Historical Society and The Columns Museum for 21 years.” Most recently, she spearheaded the opening of the well-received Lenape exhibit, in conjunction with the mayor’s office and the Pike County Commissioner’s office. The museum property hosts numerous music and community events each year, including the Milford Farmer’s Market.

The Milford Borough police complaint accuses Strelecki of criminal mischief by “entering the property at 402 Broad Street… where [she] cut several strands of Christmas lights with a knife rendering them inoperative.” She was also charged with disorderly conduct. The incident occurred just before 7 p.m. on December 16  and was captured on surveillance videotape. The damage exceeded $2,500, according to the complaint.

Reached for comment, Strelecki said, “I know I made a mistake. I feel bad about it. It was really stupid. I regret it.”

Historical society president Fred Weber declined to comment until meeting with the society’s board.

Newly elected council president Joe Dooley declined to comment, saying “no comment until conviction.”

Mayor Sean Strub and outgoing councilwoman and past Milford Presents Director Adriane Wendell declined to comment. 


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