'How much will Doherty cost us?' and more

Letters to the editor April 22 to 27

Posted 4/21/21

Letters to the editor April 22 to 27

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'How much will Doherty cost us?' and more

Letters to the editor April 22 to 27


How much will Doherty cost us?

County taxpayers are now on the hook for at least hundreds of dollars per billable hour to defend District 1 Legislator Robert Doherty. His defense in the defamation suit against him will rest largely on his claim that smearing another legislator on the county website was in the scope of his official duty, despite commonsense telling us it isn’t. Ultimately, a judge decides.

His poor judgment is one thing; he could at least offer to pay his own bill.

But where is the Sullivan County Legislature on all this, and how will taxpayers know? Can Doherty spend our money as he pleases, or can legislators limit how much his bad behavior will cost us?

These questions and their answers need to be posted to the county website. Taxpayers have a right to know how much Doherty could cost us.

Dave Colavito
Rock Hill, NY

Regarding ‘Poison ivy in December’ and ‘The night peepers’

This is in response to the column on poison ivy that was published in the January 21-27 paper. (I realize this is old news, but my subscription lapsed around this time. When I renewed, I requested back issues and have just finished them.)

Poison ivy is painful, and here is another weird way you can contract it: Years ago, my godmother in Connecticut was burning leaves and also poison ivy. She got a terrible case. Months later, when she wore the same pants she had worn while burning, she got it again. 

If only we all were as resilient as poison ivy.

Another thought.  Although I enjoyed all of the April 1 columns of satirical fun, Hunter Hill’s “The night peepers” was exceptional. “In choruses, they chirp and ring throughout the warm weather. But what if I told you that you have seen them... The trees sing.”

Yes, they do. Yes, they are alive. I have heard them, too. Even if this is a joke, the joke is on anyone who has not heard them.

Even though I am new (11 years) to NEPA, and even though I do not really know the way out here, I do know good writing when I read it.

Thank you to Mr. Roger Snedeker, too, who helped me renew my subscription.

Patricia Farrell
Lake Ariel, PA


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