25 ways to add color to your home


    1. Hang or place baskets of flowering plants along the top of the porch and/or the front steps.
    2. Install a set of outdoor lights with colorful bulbs or shades.
    3. Replace plain house numbers with bright tile or ceramic ones.
    4. Decoupage a metal mailbox with seed packets or photos of colorful birds.
    5. Paint your window frames, shutters and doors a bright color.
    6. Place colorful ornaments, such as mercury balls or blown-glass hummingbird feeders, around the yard area.
    7. Paint or add colorful tiles to the risers of your front steps. Mix in lines of colorful paving stones with standard terra cotta or brick to create an eye-catching pattern on a walkway or patio.
    8. Protect a patio or deck area from sun and rain with a colorful decorative awning.
    9. Paint the floor of your porch a bright color and stencil a pattern on the area leading from the steps to the front door.
    10. Paint the decorative molding around the windows and doors a deeper color than the walls to add detail and interest to the room.
    11. Replace white lampshades with colored ones.
    12. Add colorful throw pillows to the sofa.
    13. Wallpaper or paint the inside of built-in bookshelves in a bright color to draw attention to the contents.
    14. Use area rugs to add pattern and color to a room.
    15. Replace your kitchen countertops with colorful laminate or solid-surface counters.
    16. Using colorful paints, dress up your kitchen cabinets with a stencil or apply a colorful vinyl decal design.
    17. Replace your white or stainless steel kitchen sink with one that’s a colorful porcelain enamel.
    18. Create a new kitchen floor with vinyl tiles laid out in a checkerboard pattern made of solid blue and white tiles (or any color combination).
    19. Hang colorful glass pendant lights over a kitchen island.
    20. Paint the bottom of your cabinets a bold color.
    21. Install beadboard and molding to the bottom half of the wall and paint in a bright color
    22. Paint the room white or a pale neutral high-gloss finish, then add sets of colorful towels and rugs that can be rotated weekly.
    23. Replace cabinet hardware with colorful glass, porcelain or plastic.
    24. Place colorful containers in one color family or mix different colors on shelves and surfaces around the room.
    25. Slipcover a bench cushion with terrycloth to add a dash of color that is easy to change.


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