Letters to the Editor November 3

Some facts about the Tusten Heritage Community Garden

• The Tusten Heritage Community Garden (THCG) was established in 2012 with the endorsement and support of the town board.

• It has been one of the first sub-committees since the inception of the Tusten Local Development Corporation (TLDC) in 2012.

The Pennsylvania Senate race

[The River Reporter has a long-standing tradition of not endorsing candidates, but we do think that it is important for our readers to know the stands of candidates on major issues, especially that which we have discussed on these pages. To that end, we present below information on what the candidates in the race for Pennsylvania’s U.S.

Lies count

We all know about lies. Any dictionary will give you a definition. And most of us would agree that, if awards were presented for the best liars, lawyers and politicians could be expected to top the list of candidates.

Fresh air

In this dismal election season, there are a few bright spots on the political horizon. We have the opportunity to elect two political newcomers who are determined to restore balance and fair play to our political process.

Teachout’s carbon fee plan returns revenue to households

I am scratching my head over comments made recently in the the 19th District congressional campaign about solutions to the greatest challenge (and opportunity) of our generation and for our state: the need to quickly transition to a clean energy economy to grow jobs and save us and future generations from the escalating costs and damages of clim

Letters to the editor 10/13/16

New York Health Act: Malick—Yes, Bonacic—No
At a recent healthcare forum discussing ways to improve Sullivan County’s overall health and quality of life, Democratic senatorial candidate Primilla Malick emphatically affirmed her unqualified support of the New York Health Act, a revolutionary health insurance program that will provide vastly expanded healthcare coverage at greatly reduced cost to all New York residents, regardless of their age, income, pre-existing medical conditions, employment, or immigration status.   



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