Letters to the editor June 8

Thank-you letter regarding the FFMP

[The letter below was sent to three commissioners on the Delaware River Basin Commission, the governors of the states of New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, in response to the recent decision regarding the management of river flows from the New York City reservoirs (see story on page 3). The author, Tony Bonavist, writes a column for The River Reporter.]

Dear Governors Cuomo, Carney and Wolf:

As a fisheries professional involved with water-release issues since 1972, I commend you and your staffs for working with the New York City Department of Environmental Preservation, the Delaware River Basin Commission and others to ensure the release of adequate water to the rivers below NYC reservoirs, despite the failure [to renew] the FFMP [Flexible Flow Management Program].

The continued release of ample amounts of water to those rivers will maintain the cold-water fisheries and promote sport fishing along with other recreational activities in the area. As a result, the East Branch, West Branch and Main Stem Delaware will remain the world-class trout fisheries they have become, drawing anglers from afar to fish. As a side, the influx of those anglers will help bolster the economy of the local municipalities.

We appreciate your efforts!

A.J. Bonavist

Hurley, NY


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