Photo by Ed Wesely

The Delaware River in winter is seen from the bridge at Cochecton, looking downriver.

Letters to the editor January 11

GOP failing to work for the people

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey says in his weekly email: “It is a terrible shame that Congress repeatedly waits until the 11th hour, with a potential government shutdown looming overhead, to pass stop-gap measures like these. The Senate could have—and should have—approved essential federal funding through the proper appropriations process months ago.”

Sen. Toomey is absolutely right: his GOP, the political party that is in control of our government, repeatedly fails to work on behalf of the American people. When our elected official confesses that his own party has failed us, it is time for us as citizens to vote for a different party that will do the work of the people, instead of line the pockets of the super rich and corporations.

Nancy Schoenleber

Milford, PA

In appreciation: warmth in a cold climate

After a mild fall and early winter, the recent brutal cold and seemingly relentless wind have forced me to spend more time than usual just trying to stay warm. I want to express my gratitude to all of those who have helped make that possible for so many of us.

To NYSEG, Asplundh, and all of the folks who work year round to keep the power on: thank you. Your efforts have succeeded in my not losing electric service, even during the worst of the winds.

To the oil and gas delivery people making their rounds even on the coldest days: my heart goes out to all of you braving this cold to bring others warmth.

To all of the road crews, police, tow truck drivers and car mechanics: thank you for keeping our streets safe and clear, and for coming to our aid during some of our most stressful moments.

And to postal workers, shopkeepers, delivery persons, and everyone simply helping each other make the best of a difficult situation: you are appreciated. This is what true community looks like.

Rosemary Mandeville

Liberty, NY

Another side of winter

I’d love for TRR to expand its horizons in dealing with the Delaware River in winter. Your headline this week focuses on frigid cold, but ignores the wonder world of icy river-scapes, and the brilliant light that Arctic air bestows—a “gift” like no other.

I believe these are the most wondrous scenes our “Scenic River” creates. Journalism needs to eschew winter clichés once in a while, and find news in its gifts.

I won’t belabor the point, but implore TRR to report the full story of winter, and to help us understand its unique function in northern climates.

Ed Wesely

Damascus, PA


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