Letters to the editor December 28

Pleased with the new deck

My brother Bob (Floyd Orsini) and I are so pleased to see the completion of the new deck on Main Street in Narrowsburg. It was our mother, Dorothy Hinck, who envisioned the original deck over 30 years ago, working along with many town residents including Art and Beth Peck, the Rasmussens and others to create what has become a mainstay on Main Street.

Unfortunately, she has passed on, but we feel certain that she would be pleased with the new deck.

Carren Thomas

Oxford, NJ

Open letter to Rep. Faso re the tax bill

Mr. Faso, I am encouraged and pleased that, in regards to the so-called tax bill, you have stood your ground on behalf of the people whom you represent.

There is still much to be done to kill this bill and it can only be killed from within the Republican Party, and it must be killed.

I am drowning in the swamp of Trumpism, where only billionaire is spoken.

It is not OK for Sen. Corker to reverse his position on the deficit and vote for the tax bill while he makes millions, and [Sen. Collins] saying that she got what she wanted. She got nothing but idle promises which cannot be trusted. As a result, the American people are being screwed out of their healthcare before our very eyes, before Sen. Collins’ eyes and before yours, Mr. Faso.

We need you to go to battle to kill this bill.

This bill charges me twice for having invested in my home and my community. SALT is pure hypocrisy, nonsense and thievery—like so many parts of this bill that has not had one hearing nor one piece of testimony and has excluded the entire Democratic side of Congress.  This is not Democracy, this is a corporate coup.

What disrespect and utter disdain the Trumpists demonstrate as they force this destructive bill down the collective throats of all Americans who are not in the 1% club.

If I need to give you more reasons to kill this bill created solely to benefit the wealthiest among us, I will remind you of the other ways that the Trumpist party has sold its soul. I would remind you of Roy Moore. I would remind you of candidate Trump mocking a disabled person. I would remind you of his sixteen accusers. I would remind you that it is the Republican Party that has brought us deep into Trump Swamp.

Thank you again for standing up against the tax scam. Now please, kill the bill.

Ken Wampler

Swan Lake, NY

[The tax bill was passed by both houses of Congress on December 20.]


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