TRR photo by Fritz Mayer 

Officials from SUNY Sullivan and BOCES participate in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the college.

New classrooms for public safety at SUNY 

LOCH SHELDRAKE,  NY — Officials from Sullivan BOCES and SUNY Sullivan teamed up for a ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 17, unveiling new public-safety classrooms at the college. In a partnership between the two educational organizations, SUNY is providing classrooms for BOCES students interested in gaining training in law enforcement or other public-safety positions.

 SUNY Sullivan President Jay Quaintance said, “Two of the largest educational institutions in the county have come together to provide more comprehensive programming for the young men and woman of the county.” He said the partnership with BOCES helps provide a “seamless pathway from high school to college.”

 BOCES Superintendent Robert Dufor said the program is an opportunity for students to be immersed in college life.

Luis Alvarez, chair of the Sullivan County Legislature, was a police officer in Sullivan County for many years. He said when he was policing in the 1980s, all a person needed to get a job as a police officer was a note from someone who would vouch for the person’s character. He said, “Nobody cared what my level of education was, as long as I could pass the test and the police academy.” Police officers today, he continued, have to perform many more functions, including acting as social workers and case workers. “The level of education counts now.”

To  the students listening in the back of the room, he said he was proud to wear his shield for all those years, advising them to “never tarnish the shield.”

Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther praised the partnership between SUNY and BOCES.  “I know how important the public-safety program is, and the college setting will enhance each student’s learning experience,” said Gunther. Then she said to the students, “I look forward to seeing you in a uniform someday.”


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