Unofficial results of contested elections

Unofficial results of referendum questions and contested elections: results will be updated as they become available. Absentee ballots remain to be counted.

New York State:

Proposal 1: Shall the state hold a constitutional convention? (At 9:50 pm the Associated Press called the race with no votes winning.)
Yes      189,984
No       719,243

Proposal 2: Shall the state constitution be amended to allow courts to reduce or revoke a public officer’s pension if convicted of certain felonies? (AP called race at 10:00 pm.)
Yes    929,759
No     400,536

Proposal 3: Shall the state constitution be amended to make 250 acres of forest preserve land available for use by towns, villages and counties to address specific public health and safety concerns?
Yes    964,056
No     927,524

Sullivan County NY

Nancy Buck, R,C,I                 9590
David Komantz, D                 3939
Councilman (2 seats)
William Crumley, R,CB           426
Lillian Hendrickson, D,C,I       566
Dawn Rider, D,C,I                   585
Councilman (2 seats)
Scott Gaebel, R,C,I               658
Charles Schadt, R,C,I           670
Barbara Winfield, D               250

Councilman (2 seats)
Lakin Castillo, R                    282
Nathan Steingart, D,C,I       1122
 Michael Weiner, D,C,I         1107
Susan Hawvermale, FF      123
Dan Hogue Jr., D,C,I          187
Councilman (2 seats)
Katherine Barnhart, D,C      157
Karen Ellsweig, D,C            165
Susan Parks-Landis, R        204
Highway superintendent
Joseph Ruggeri, R,C          219
William Steinberg, FO          89
Councilman (2 seats)
Brian Brustman, R             225
James Greier, D                118
Louis Milucky, R                175
James Rodgers, D              83

 Councilman (2 seats)
 Kaitlin Haas, D,R                 411
 James Hanson, D,C            429
 Highway superintendent
 Thomas Ebers, D,C            422
 Ron Thiele, R,I                    151
 Supervisor (vacancy)
 John Lennon Jr., PP           296
 Brian Rourke, R,C,I          1227
 Councilman (2 seats)
 Brian McPhillips, D,C,I      1016
 Daniel Ratner Sr., R            508
 Russell Reeves, R,C,I       1059
 Jenny Mellan, R,C                      385
 Deanna Rajsz, D, FP                 177
 Clerk/tax collector
 Natalie Rajsz-Steimle, D,I          175
 Laurie Terry, R,C                        403
Lorry King, R,C                            377
 David Wallace, D,G,WF,I           184
 Councilman (2 seats)
 Jim Akt, D,R,C                           343
 Christina Shablovsky, D,I           306
Zoriana Gingold, R                      348

 Justice (2 seats)
 Cynthia Dolan, D                   1393
 Terrence Mullen, D,R,C         2030
 Julia Sherman, JA                   544
 Ward 3
 Janet Lybolt, MF                        139
Christine Saward, D,WF,RH       204
Ward 6
Katherine Roemer, D,RH           187
Nicholas Salomone Jr., R,C,I     229

Dale Dutcher, RO                      217
Robert Eggleton, D,C,I              487
Clerk/tax collector
Caroline Devoe, R,C
 Stacy Evans, D
Martin Miller, D,C                   1621
Jane Moudrik, PC                    129
Councilman (2 seats)
Steven Kurlander, WF,TF        542
Melinda Meddaugh, D,WF     1128
John Pavese, D,C,I                1498
Jay Rubin, R,C,I                     1046
Proposal 1: Shall the town extend the term of the supervisor to four years from two?
 Yes             356
 No            2017

Justice (2 seats)
David Casey, R,C,I      316
David Holland, D         177
Klu Padu, D,R,I           258

Councilman (2 seats)
 Edward Lang, R,C             211
 Jane Luchsinger, D,I         274
 Jill Padua, D                      235



Shohola Supervisor
Shirley Masuo - D     60              
Greg Hoeper - R     161


Honesdale Mayor
Melody Robinson   395
Sarah Canfield       476

Wayne President Judge
Janine Edwards        3824
Pamela Wilson         1559



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