TRR photos by Jonathan Fox

The hills are alive with the sound of music, including concerts under the stars at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

Thanks for the memories

I’ve always been a fan of tradition—undoubtedly related to my reluctance to embrace change. Whatever the reason, I find comfort in revisiting the past. I don’t want to live there, mind you, and these days I need help remembering what happened last week. That’s where being a photojournalist comes in handy. I have evidence. Let’s face it: I take a lot of pictures. At the end of any given week, I review hundreds of images before I select the photos to be featured here in the award-winning River Reporter. Assignments aside, I never leave home without a camera and snap photos all day long when I’m out and about with Dharma the Wonder Dog. Traditionally, I review those photos as the year draws to a close, disposing of thousands while saving those that have special meaning, or somehow succeed in illustrating a sense of time and place.

When at my most self-deprecating, I can be heard declaring that my bread and butter is attending “puppet shows, plays and parades,” but it’s those very events that provide me with the opportunity to join in all of the fun (visit with you and the kids) and mingle with the community-at-large. I follow up those visits with commemorative photos—be it a concert under the stars, or a street festival celebrating fish, insects, or even bagels, for cryin’ out loud. Such is the rich tapestry (IMHO) of life in the Upper Delaware River region. I’ve selected a few of those captured moments to share with you before starting a new chapter in 2019. I have room for only a few precious memories here, but should you care to take a stroll down memory lane, feel free to peruse our photo galleries at www.river, follow us on Instagram and twitter, or check out the variety of photos albums at porter.


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