Politicians, investors and board member of Empire Resorts participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony at Reports World Catskills on February 8.

By mid-morning on February 8, a healthy crowd had gathered at Resorts World Catskills, and the sights and sounds of a Las Vegas-style casino came to life.   A member of staff announced that a woman had just won $10,000 as the lights, bells and whistles associated with more than 2000 slot machines... Continue Reading

Arts & Leisure

TRR photos by Jonathan Charles Fox

Like a gleaming phoenix rising from the ashes, Resorts World Catskills is ushering in a Sullivan County renaissance.

Anticipation was the name of the game over the last few days, as the excitement surrounding Resorts World Catskills (RWC) built to a crescendo and... Continue Reading


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I was very pleased by the response to last month’s column about the potential power of love to transcend nationality and ease intercultural tensions. Hopefully it struck a chord. It became increasingly clear to me during the course of my travels in Europe last year... Continue Reading


TRR photos by Scott Rando

These yearling immature bald eagles were above the Lackawaxen confluence early in February. As is the case with the young of many species, the play instinct is strong. Many immature eagles display talons to each other, but it is mostly play; they are also honing skills they will need to survive.

This is the time of year when ice is plentiful on the lakes and rivers, a central factor in explaining why we see so many bald eagles over-wintering... Continue Reading

Community Living

Introduction In 2016 more than 64,000 people lost their lives to the opioid/fentanyl/heroin epidemic that is destroying families all over the U.S. (“... Continue Reading


Senior recognition night. Roscoe’s senior captains Mara Marshall LeRoy, Rosalyn Trautschold and Camille Hondromaras enjoy the spotlight. (For more on this story and photos, visit

ROSCOE, NY — The Sullivan West Lady Bulldogs’ double-trouble “tall twin” sister act of Sabrina and Josephine Martinez is back in action. On January 26, Sabrina went down hard at Tri-Valley, and some folks thought she might be sidelined for rest of the season. But with the resilience of youth, that... Continue Reading


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