Owner Ryan Thumann proudly holds the symbol of his patriotism and workmanship. Lightning is just
one of the many embellishments Thumann has added to the timeless design of the American flag.

Grain to Glory Flag Company

Veteran’s Day is a time to honor those who have fought for our freedom, a time to revere the memory of what they have done. What’s more, it is a time to show patriotic spirit alongside the brave men and women who are still fighting to preserve that freedom. In Beach Lake, PA, there’s a man who’s got a business doing just that, all year long.

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ShopBot Desktop carving classes

HONESDALE, PA — Learn beginning and intermediate skills on the ShopBot Desktop Computer Numerical Control carving machine at a course taught at the Stourbridge Project, 648 Park St., in the propotyping lab on the mezzanine level. Work on your own project, hands on with one-on-one instruction.


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