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This Is What Democracy Looks Like

This past weekend, January 21, I participated in the largest world-wide protest ever: the Women's March. Before I address the negative views that this march has received, I'll start with the positive.


Why did we march? For me, and for many people, it was for myriad reasons. Women's rights are human rights. And the Trump administration is actively working to take our rights away. 


This march was to make our voices heard. I mean, why does anyone protest? We hope to incite change. To make a difference. And, for solidarity.


One of my favorite parts of the march was seeing young girls passionate to be there. One girl near us was sitting on her mom's shoulders holding a sign that said something about her future. A little while later, she had somehow gotten ahead of us and we saw her standing on a light post leading a chant "Tell me what Democracy looks like" and a crowd responded "This is what Democracy looks like!" 


There were a lot of powerful and poignant signs and chants and also some funny ones "Hands too small to build a wall" "We want a leader, not a creepy Tweeter". I also saw a lot of signs that said "Girls just want to have fun...damental rights". 


Throughout the march there would be a "tidal yell" where you would hear shouts and cheers in the distance and it would grow louder and louder until it reached your segment. It was like a tidal wave.


Now, there has been a negative reaction to the march. And I think it's because people don't understand it. "Why are they marching, it won’t do anything?" "Trump already won". 


In fact, this was not to protest Trump winning the election. It was really to... well, see above.


It's to say: we won't stand for this. We won't let this happen.


I say, take this moment to come together. Don't let divisiveness enter the positivity the march produced. We are stronger together.


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