Snow Day

I miss snow days as a kid. I would always go outside to play in the snow and go sledding. Sometimes I would just lie in the snow and feel the deafening silence envelop me. Wow that got dark. Anyway, then I would come back inside, take off my soaking wet socks and lay them by the radiator, and make hot chocolate. 

I wish I still had that inertia to immediately go outside when it snowed. Now I look out the window and think, nope. I had a full-on snow day this weekend. Snow dumped on us late Friday night and into Saturday. I had already planned to not go anywhere. I lit a pine-scented candle, settled on the couch, and read War and Peace. JK! I watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Don't judge me. I also took some time to clean and tidy up, and do some cooking. I should have had wine. Next snow day.

Friday I got all my Christmas shopping done. I like to keep it local. Shopping local supports small businesses and the local economy, which in turn helps us all. I went to The Velvet Maple and Milkweed in Honesdale and One Grand Books and By Delaine in Narrowsburg. Shopping for other people is hard, how are you supposed to know what they like? I really try to get in someone’s mind and figure out their taste. But it's still hard. I ended up buying my boyfriend a book that he already owns. 

On Sunday, after spending all of Saturday in the house, I had cabin fever and wanted to get out. We went to brunch and finished up some more Christmas shopping. Later we went to dinner at Henning's Local. I also read an entire book in one day. It's called "This Should be Written in the Present Tense" by Danish writer Helle Helle. It was really good. She writes in a very pared down style. The sentences are short and to the point but full of meaning.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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