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Deputy DA challenges Robinson

HONESDALE, PA — Kathy Martin, currently serving as the Senior Deputy District Attorney in the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office, is challenging Patrick Robinson. Robinson was appointed to the post a year ago after the previous District Attorney, Janine Edwards, won an election to become President Judge.

Milanville’s origins

The village of Milanville is on the site of one of the oldest settlements in Wayne County—a center of population half a century before the county was established in 1798. Pioneers had arrived in the future Damascus Township as early as 1755. By 1760, there were 30 houses and a block house, with Milanville as the center of the community.

Keeping Wayne heart healthy

HONESDALE, PA — Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in Wayne County. Nadine Greco, director of Wayne Memorial Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program appears before the commissioners each year to remind everyone about the importance of the prevention of, and rehabilitation following, heart issues.

TRR photo by David Hulse

Lil’ Dairy Misses, Kenley Roberts, left, Emma Prebie and Ashbee Gately visited the commissioners last June. The commissioners last week were working on programs that would ensure healthy Wayne agriculture when their daughters were ready to become dairy royalty.

Renewing Wayne County agriculture

HONESDALE, PA — Winter may hide agriculture’s home under snow, but not its planning.

Meeting on a frozen January 31, the Wayne County Commissioners continued several planning efforts to reinforce the county’s traditional but faltering agricultural industry.



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