Photo contributed by the NCSP
The National Canoe Safety Patrol (NCSP) started in 1979—a group of volunteer paddlers from area canoe clubs—and has doubled in membership since.

National Canoe Safety Patrol celebrates 40th season

One day in the middle of summer, 2012, Marc Magnus-Sharpe, his son John and his wife Sarah drove three hours from Ithaca to Sullivan County, as they did on so many days in so many summers, to paddle on the Delaware River.

Photo from Pixabay

Commodore ‘Just Around the Bend’

Carla Hauser Hahn—then Carla Hauser—was a 26-year-old member of the National Park Service (NPS) in 1980, its first year of operation in the Upper Delaware area.

One day, while receiving training from the National Canoe Safety Patrol, her boss turned to her and said, “Carla, are you going on the river?”

Ken Bailey, who helped start the mentorship program within the NCSP. 

Dick Rhodes’s legacy of mentorship

Ken Bailey visited NCSP founding member Richard ‘Dick’ Rhodes just a week before he passed in 2012.

“He was all wired up and really hurting big time,” Bailey remembered. “But once I came in the house, it was as if he was right out on the river.”

The youngest Emrey, Ashton, and his grandfather, on the Delaware. 

A family affair

Dean Emrey’s dad introduced him to the outdoors as a child, and when he first brought up the idea of participating in the Delaware River Sojourn—a roughly week-long guided river trip starting in the Poconos—Dean was hesitant. “Oh, it’s a sojourn, it’s a guided thing, do you really want to do that?” Dean remembered saying.


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